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  1. How is Ezra Mannon received by Christine and Lavinia when he returns to the Mannon house in the Homecoming?
    Lavinia is overjoyed to see him while Christine is not
  2. In what part of the world does O’Neill place the house of the Mannons in Mourning Becomes Electra?
    New England
  3. Orin says that he’ll give Vinnie what he has written on one condition. What is that condition?
    She will do anything for him (I.E. not marry Peter and go to the islands with him)
  4. How does the death of Christine differ from that of Clytemnestra in Aeschylus’ Choephori?
    Christine commits suicide when she finds out that Brant is dead while Orestes kills Clytemnestra in Choephori.
  5. Who condemns Vinnie to a life of mourning and solitude in the final act of The Haunted?
    She condemns herself, and the dead also condemn her
  6. How can we interpret certainly O’Neill’s intentions for composing a dramatic trilogy that approached themes and topics similar to Aeschylus’ Oresteia?
    We have access to his journals stating his intentions; also trilogies in American Drama are extremely rare.
  7. O’Neill’s “stage directions” and his characters often compare a particular thing to a tomb. What is that thing?
    The Mannon mansion
  8. According to Travis Bogard, the song “O Shenandoah” recurs in Mourning Becomes Electra and delivers one particular theme. What is that “operative word” that plays in the Shenandoah theme?
  9. Lavinia Mannon’s character has been seen to manifest a particular psychological tendency, behavior that is characterized by a daughter’s jealousy of her mother and obsession with her father?
    The Electra Complex (Freud)
  10. How does Lavinia prove to Orin that Christine was guilty of poisoning Ezra?
    she puts the poison on Ezra’s body (to show Orin Christine’s shocked reaction) and they follow Christine to Adam Brant’s ship.
  11. Given that there are narrative similarities between Aeschylus’ Oresteia and O’Neill’s Mourning Becomes Electra, which character in the trilogy Mourning Becomes Electra represents:
    Clytemnestra: Christine Agamemnon: Ezra Mannon Aegisthus: Captain Adam Brant Orestes: Orin Electra: Lavinia Pylades: Peter Niles -- I’m not sure about this. It is Vinnie who plays the role Pylades does in the Oresteia, in reminding Orin of his duty to kill Adam. In a literary sense, Vinnie is Pylades. Chrysothemis: Hazel Thyestes: David Mannon, Brant’s father Atreus: Abe Mannon, Ezra’s father the chorus of elders from the Agamemnon: Seth, Ames, Louisa, Minnie
  12. When Ezra Mannon returns home in The Homecoming, where is he coming from?
    the Civil War
  13. According to Erich Segal, at what point in the Orestes myth is the traditional avenger narrative “open to some variation”?
    after the death of Aegisthus
  14. What did Brant tell the doctor in order to get the medicine that kills Ezra Mannon?
    There was a sick dog aboard his ship
  15. When Orin shoots Adam Brant, Adam appears to Orin to be which of the following characters?
    Ezra and then himself(Orin). He says to Lavinia after killing Brant, “Do you remember me telling you how the faces of the men I killed came back and changed to Father’s face and finally became my own? He looks like me, too! Maybe I’ve committed suicide!”
  16. Mourning Becomes Electra, like Aeschylus’ Oresteia, depends upon an old feud reaching back into ancestral roots. Cassandra sees the curse of the House of Atreus on the walls. How does the Mannon curse linger on the walls of the Mannon house?
    portraits of the Mannon ancestors
  17. In her final discussion with Peter, Lavinia is dressed in what attire?
    Color or black? In black funeral attire
  18. In what way is the pursuit of the Furies replaced in “Mourning Becomes Electra”?
    The Furies are replaced by the portraits of the Mannon ancestors and Orin’s guilt, as well as his head wound from the war initially
  19. What is Ezra Mannon’s position in the army?
    Brigadier General
  20. By what name does Vinnie accidentally call Peter in “The Haunted” when she is begging him to marry her immediately?
  21. How has Vinnie changed (specifically in appearance and dress) when she returns from her voyage with Orin in The Haunted?
    She looks like Christine and wears green. She also is no longer flat chested and skinny, her form has filled out making her look far more attractive.
  22. What is the historical context (setting) of “Mourning Becomes Electra”?
    right after the Civil War in New England
  23. Some critics see the lilac, a particularly recurrent flower in Mourning Becomes Electra, as a symbolic remembrance of what?
    They are associated with Walt Whitman’s elegy with the death of Abraham Lincoln
  24. Which of the following are obvious differences between Orin and Orestes?
    Orin is weak-willed and controlled by his sister; Orestes is strong-willed; in the end Orestes finds peace, where Orin commits suicide after being driven to madness with no respite
  25. Which character(s) were poisoned in the play?
  26. How did Christine acquire the medicine she uses to kill Ezra Mannon?
    She got Brant to get it for her
  27. Marie Brantôme bore an illegitimate child — later changed his name to Adam Brant — after an affair with which member of the Mannon family?
    David Mannon (Ezra’s uncle)pg. 275
  28. What do Vinnie and Orin do to Adam Brant’s stateroom to hide their involvement in his murder?
    they tear it up and throw the valuables overboard to make it look like it was a robbery
  29. Which of the following describes the “Mannon look”?
    secret looking; mask-like face
  30. What is the relationship between Seth and the Mannons?
    gardener/handy-man pg. 264
  31. In the Orestes myth, the Furies torment Orestes, what are Orin’s comparative “Furies”?
    The portraits of the members of the Mannon family
  32. How does O’Neill manifest an authoritative style that limits different interpretations of the play?
    he gives explicit stage directions and character descriptions
  33. How does Christine Mannon kill Ezra Mannon?
  34. What item did Vinnie find that secured Christine’s guilt in her mind?
    the poison used to kill Ezra
  35. Which of the following did Orin say after he killed Adam Brant about what he would have done for his mother?
    He would have killed Ezra for his mother
  36. Which of the following describes Lavinia and Christine’s relationship as evidenced by the scene of Ezra Mannon’s return?
    They despise each other
  37. What is the only reprieve granted Orin in The Haunted?
    writing about their family, then death
  38. At the beginning of the play, whom do Ames, Louisa, Minnie, and Seth represent?
    the chorus of the elders of Argos
  39. Which of the following describes Christine’s reason(s) for her resentment of Ezra Mannon?
    She felt that Vinnie was only his child, not hers, and that after they were married there was a wall between them. She felt she was only giving him her body to love.
  40. Whose name does Orin call when he’s injured in the war?
  41. Which of the following describes Orin’s initial reaction to the death of his father?
    He acts like it is not important or that it didn’t happen. He keeps saying that it it still feels like he is alive. The war has caused him to be extremely calloused to death.
  42. Which response best describes the significance of Orin’s head wound?
    It may represent the oncoming of madness by the furies that Orestes experienced
  43. Whom does Christine claim to be visiting in New York to conceal her affair with Adam Brant?
    Her father pg. 273, she also claimed to have seen his friend Mr. Lamar when in New York when explaining to Orin where she was (pg 340)
  44. Who reveals to Lavinia the truth about Captain Brant’s parents?
  45. How does Christine die?
    she shoots herself
  46. What is the name of Adam Brant’s ship?
    the Flying Trades
  47. What location, across the sea, serves as an escape for the characters in this play?
    the “Blessed Isles”
  48. What was the name of the ship on which Christine and Captain Brant planned to sail away?
    the Atlantis (page 362)
  49. To whom does Captain Brant say “Good bye. You’re right, I wasn’t man enough for you”?
    His ship, the Flying Trades.
  50. In which room does Lavinia confront her mother about cheating on her father?
    Ezra’s study
  51. Whom do Orin and Lavinia hope will be blamed for Brant’s death?
  52. Orin does not actually kill his mother, so why does he feel guilty for her murder?
    He feels that he drove her to kill herself because he killed Brant and then told her about it.
  53. As Orin is secretly listening to Christine talk with Brant on the ship, why does her talking about escaping to the “Blessed Islands” further enrage him?
    Orin wanted to go to the islands with her, which he had independently daydreamed and imagined of when in the war
  54. Why did Brant believe the sea and Flying Trades did not want him anymore after the death of Mannon?
    he wasn’t man enough for it (not fighting Ezra Mannon straight up for Christine, but doing it by deceit)
  55. What were Ezra Mannon’s last words?
    “She’s guilty--not medicine.” (page 316)
  56. What does Christine want to do with Adam Brant when Orin returns home from the war?
    Sail away secretly
  57. What are the names of the three plays which make up Mourning Becomes Electra?
    Homecoming, The Hunted, The Haunted
  58. What is the name of the woman with whom David Mannon ran off?
    Marie Brantome pg. 276
  59. In The Haunting the islands are referenced again, but his time whose islands are they?
  60. What was Orin’s excuse for leaving Vinnie and Peter?
    he was going to clean his gun
  61. In The Homecoming, somebody plays the gate-keeping role, subtly controlling Ezra’s admission into the house. Who?
  62. Which is not a change that comes over Vinnie after the death of her mother?
    Changes that do happen: she becomes her mother, she wears the green, her posture changes,
  63. What does Orin say the faces of the people he kills turn into?
    His father’s and then his own
  64. The title of O’Neill’s play is echoed in Orin’s line from The Hunted:I can’t find anything in The Hunted, do you think maybe he meant The Haunted?
    p. 388: “You don’t know how like Mother you’ve become, Vinnie. I don’t mean only how pretty you’ve gotten … I mean the change in your soul, too … Little by little it grew like Mother’s soul--as if you were stealing hers--as if her death had set you free--to become her!”
  65. Whom does Orin kill first?
    Adam Brant
  66. What are Ezra Mannon’s last words, and to whom does he speak them?
    “She’s guilty--not medicine.” to Lavinia (page 316)
  67. In what ways does mourning “become” Electra?
    While in mourning Electra’s changes from a flat chested, skinny girl to having more of a womanly shape and she changes as well in that she wants love now. She is more gracious as a woman of this time should be.
  68. How does O’Neill benefit from altering classical Electra’s fate?
    O’Neill’s addition to the story, then, will be the punishment of Electra who “has too much tragic fate within her soul” to be allowed to slip from heroic legend into “undramatic married banality.”
  69. What is Captain Brant’s familial relationship to Orin and Vinnie?
    he is their cousin once removed
  70. What is Christine’s motive for murdering her husband?
    To marry Captain Brant
  71. How many times does Christine talk to the painting of her husband in his study?
    • once?
    • p. 353 “Ezra! Don’t let her harm Adam!”I thought she talked to Ezra’s portrait once in Homecoming but I didn’t see anything. Anyone know for sure?
  72. How does Vinnie know her father didn’t die of natural death but was murdered?
    he pointed at Christine as he said his last words, “She’s guilty....not medicine” and then Vinnie found the box of pills/poison that Christine dropped when she fainted.
  73. How is Christine responsible for the death of her husband Ezra?
    She had Adam Brant buy poison and when Ezra heart was hurting he asked for her to give him his medicine but instead she gave him the poison which killed him.
  74. Why does Christine believe Lavinia won’t suspect her in the event that her father dies?
    Ezra had a history of heart trouble, which Christine has played up and amplified so the town believes it too
  75. Where did Lavinia really go when she said she had gone to visit Hazel and Peter?
    New York -following her mother pg. 285
  76. How is Ezra Mannon related to Adam Brant?
  77. What description does O’Neill repeatedly use to describe the Mannon family members’ faces?
    They are secretive and mask-like.
  78. Who is blamed for sending Orin to war?
    Lavinia is blamed, and Ezra
  79. What event/dialogue changes Vinnie’s mind about marrying Peter at the end of The Haunted?
    • She called Peter “Adam”
    • The theme of their last conversation was “the dead are too strong,” saying Adam’s name was the last straw in her attempt to move past the Mannon curse.
  80. Why did Lavinia’s grandfather, Abe Mannon, tear down the house and build a new one?
    “He wouldn’t live where his brother had disgraced the family.” pg 275
  81. Why does Lavinia cause herself to be locked in the Mannon house at the end of the play?
    it is her punishment
  82. Whose role has Lavinia taken over during the majority of the play “The Haunted”?
  83. What is the difference between Clytemnestra’s fate and that of Christine in the 2nd play of each trilogy?
    Christine’s was self-inflicted suicide while Clytemnestra’s was murder by her son
  84. What color does Vinnie “steal” from Christine after she is dead?
  85. Why does Lavinia start wearing a green dress in place of her normal black one...
    symbolism, she has “become” her mother
  86. According to Travis Bogard, “the most most horrifying [aspect] of Mourning Becomes Electra is that ____________________ is insane.” Choose the item below that fills the blank as Bogard intended:
    “no one, not even Orin as he comes to the point of suicide”
  87. After Orin kills Captain Brant, what does Orin express while he looks at Brant’s lifeless face?
    He says that Brants face looks like his fathers and then like his. It is as if everytime Orin kills a man, he is killing himself. He is committing suicide.
  88. How does Lavinia change after the suicide of her mother?
    She becomes more beautiful, more happy, and starts dressing and looking like her mother; she also becomes a mother figure to Orin, who is going crazy. She seems to be more controlling of him than she ever was before as well, to protect their secrets.
  89. How do Lavinia and Orin make Captain Brant’s murder look like an accident?
    They bust up his office and steal the things from his pockets
  90. In “Homecoming,” which character fulfills the role left vacant by the absence of a clearly defined Cassandra?
  91. How are the “furies” in the O’Neill’s “Haunted” different from those in the classic Orestia?
    They are more logically replaced by going crazy from his head wound and also guilt and war memories
  92. Who is responsible for the death of Ezra, and by what means was his death brought about?
    Captain Brant and Christine; Brant buys the poison and Christine administers it to him
  93. Which repeated character that appears in each play could be Eugene O’Neill’s chorus?
  94. In what way is Electra’s role different in O’Neill’s version of the Orestes story?
    She takes charge of the revenge, and her redemptive role at the end as she takes on the punishment. “O’Neill’s addition to the story, then, will be the punishment of Electra who ‘has too much tragic fate within her soul’ to be allowed to slip from heroic legend into ‘undramatic married banality.’
  95. Why does Lavinia (according to herself) wear black in the The Homecoming and The Hunted?
    She wants to distinguish herself from her mother, because they are so close in appearance other than dress. Also, it was a symbol of the “death” and stifling that she felt around Christine.
  96. What horrifies Christine when she walks in on her children standing around Ezra’s body in his study?
    the poison is on him, in a little box
  97. What did Orin give Hazel that caused Lavina overpowering distress?
    Orin’s story about Lavinia and the history of crime in the Mannon family
  98. Image Upload
    anonymous, in his right hand he holds the apples of the hesperidies. The apples are said to represent immortality
  99. Image Upload
    • Collier.
    • Clytemnestra
  100. Image Upload
    • Bronzino
    • Cosimo de Medici as Orpheus
    • Orpheus:Cosimo::Eurydice:________
  101. Image Upload
    • Caracci
    • Hercules at the Crossroads
    • Two women appeared to him — Virtue and Vice (Pleasure) are shown here as allegorical ļ¬gures —*and*each tried to en]ce the potenial hero to follow the path
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  103. Image Upload
    • Juttner
    • The Electric Exectution
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    • Bruegel
    • The Fall of Icarus
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    • Cellini
    • Perseus Beheading Medusa
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    • Mignard
    • Perseus and Andromeda
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    • Picasso
    • Minotauromachy
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    Orpheus Frieze in Napels
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    • Bouguereau
    • Orestes Pursued by the furies
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    • Marqueste
    • Perseus and Medusa
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    • Gerome
    • Pygmalion and Galatea
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    • Boyle
    • Slumbdog Millionaire
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    Athena and Heracles
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    • De Sesto
    • Leda and the Swan
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    • De Chirico
    • Hector and Andromache
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    • Ewoutz
    • Queen Elizabeth confounding Juno, Minerva, and Venus
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    • Valazquez
    • The spinners
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    • Labute
    • Ipheginia in Orem
    • (not really the picture above, but it is a play
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    • Mignard
    • The Marquise de Seignelay and Two of her Children
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    • Moreau
    • Oedipus and the Sphinx
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    Nashville Athena
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