Ch10 Hairstyling

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  1. Define Hairstyling:
    The art of dressing & arranging hair to create temporary changes in the form & texture of the finished hairstyle.
  2. What is molding or shaping?
    The process of combing wet hair into the desired position.
  3. Label & Define the components of a curl:
    • Base- Area between partings within a shape or section
    • of hair on which the roller, iron, or round is placed.
    • Stem- Hair between the scalp & the first turn of
    • the hair around the roller, iron, or round brush. This determines amount of
    • movement
    • Circle- Hair that is positioned around the roller,
    • iron, or brush. This determines size of curl.
  4. What is base control?
    Used within a hair style affecting the amount of volume or our closeness archived.
  5. Define the Base Sizes:
    a) 1 diameter (1x):
    b) 1.5 diameter (1.5x):
    c) 2 diameter (2x):
    • a) 1 diameter (1x):
    • The width of the section is exactly the same as the diameter of the tool being used.

    • b) 1.5 diameter (1.5x):
    • Indicates the width of the section is one & one half times the width of the tool being used for placement.

    • c) 2 diameter (2x):
    • Indicates the width of the section is equal to two times the diameter of the tool.
  6. Label the Base Controls:
    (Used diagrams when studying)
    • On-Base
    • Half-Off Base
    • Off Base
    • Underdirected
    • Overdirected
  7. On-Base:
    (Used diagrams when studying)
    Tool/Curl is centered between the top & bottom partings of the base.
  8. Half-Off Base:
    (Used diagrams when studying)
    Tool/Curl sits directly on the bottom parting of the base with half the curl on the base & half the curl of the base.
  9. Off Base:
    (Used diagrams when studying)
    Tool/Curl sits below the bottom parting of the base, creating minimum base strength & least volume or lift.
  10. Underdirected:
    (Used diagrams when studying)
    Tool/Curl sits in the lower position of the base, but not on or below the parting.
  11. Overdirected (Volume Base):
    (Used diagrams when studying)
    Tool/Curl sits in the upper portion of the base, but not on or above the parting.
  12. What is the Base Control Effects of...
    On-Base: Most volume & the strongest base strength.
  13. What is the Base Control Effects of...
    Half-Off Base:
    Half-Off Base: Curl has less bass strength & less volume.
  14. What is the Base Control Effects of...
    Underdirected: Reduced volume & base strength.
  15. What is the Base Control Effects of...
    Overdirected: Exaggerated directional movement & volume or lift.
  16. List the 10 infection & safty precautions for hairstyling.
    • 1) Practice infection control guidlines.
    • 2) Wash & Sanitize hands with liquid soap.
    • 3) Check air-intake on blow dryer to make sure it is free of debri before drying & styling clients hair.
    • 4) Check scalp for diseases/disorders.
    • 5) Make sure client does not have sesitivities to any products.
    • 6) If client is placed under a dryer, check on them occasionally to see if they are comfortable.
    • 7) Try to avoid excess tentiuon on the hair & scalp (it may cause client discomfort).
    • 8) Be gentle when removing backcombing, & tangles prior to shampooing.
    • 9) Try to avoid using a lot of extra product on the scalp.
    • 10) Disinfect & Sanitize all implements after each use.
  17. Define Thermal Styling:
    The technique of drying & styling hair by using hand held dryer while at the same time using fingers, brushes, pressing comb, OR curling iron.
  18. How does Thermal Styling affect the hydrogen bonds in the hair?
    They are weakened, the protein chains are able to shift, accepting the new position, but only temporaroly.
  19. How can you check the heat of a stove-heated thermal iron?
    Test iron on a piece of white paper towel.
  20. What is air forming?
    The process of drying hair & styling it at the same time to create a new form.
  21. When air forming....
    Dry the hair with a _(a)_ setting,
    Style the hair with a _(b)_ setting,
    Set the hair with a _(c)_ setting.
    • a) High
    • b) Medium
    • c) Cool Air
  22. Define Hair Pressing or Silking:
    Form of temporarily straightening tightly curled hair.
  23. How do you test the temperature of a pressing comb?
    By placing it against a paper towel & looking for a change of color. Paper towel will turn yellow or brown if iron is to hot.
  24. Define Wet Hairstyling:
    Area of hairstyling in which hair is manipulated into the desired shape & movements while wet then allowed to dry.
  25. Describe Fingerwaves:
    They're created by two complete oblong shapings that are joined & connected by a ridge.
  26. What is another name for Pincurls?
    Sculpture Curls
  27. Label the 3 Parts of a Pincurl.
    • a) Base
    • b) Stem
    • c) Circle

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