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  1. What is a major disadvantage of asynchronous transmission?
    Asynchronous transmission requires an overhead of two or three bits per character, and is, therefore, significantly less efficient than synchronous transmission.
  2. What is a parity bit?
    A check bit appended to an array of binary digits to make the sum of all the binary digits, including the check bit, always odd (odd parity) or always even (even parity).
  3. What is the CRC?
    An error detecting code in which the code is the remainder resulting from dividing the bits to be checked by a predetermined binary number.
  4. Why would you expect a CRC to detect more errors than a parity bit?
    The CRC has more bits and therefore provides more redundancy. That is, it provides more information that can be used to detect errors.
  5. List three different ways in which the CRC algorithm can be described.
    Modulo 2 arithmetic, polynomials, and digital logic.
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