Lord of the Flies Vocab ch 1-4

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  1. Efflorescence
    N - A state of flowering or unfolding, developing
  2. Apprehension
    N - Fearful or uneasy anticipation of the future
  3. Effulgence
    N - a brilliant radiance
  4. Strident
    ADJ - Loud, harsh, grating, or shrill
  5. Eccentric
    ADJ - odd, quirky, or multi-leveled (complex)
  6. Furtive
    ADJ - Characterized by hidden motives; shifty, suspicious, secretive
  7. Mortification
    N - A feeling of shame, humiliation, and wounded pride
  8. Askew
    ADJ/ADV - Slanted to one side; awry
  9. Ebullience
    N - enthusiasm, zest, excitement
  10. Officious
    ADJ - overly eager to offer unwanted advice or service
  11. Assented
    V - to agree, concur
  12. Recrimination
    N - an accusation in response to another action.
  13. Avidly
    ADV - Having an ardent desire or unbounded craving
  14. Vicissitudes
    N - changes, shifts, or variations
  15. Declivities
    N - downward slopes of a hill
  16. Inscrutably
    ADV - difficult to understand or fathom; impenetrable
  17. Clamorously
    ADV - loud, noisy, turbulent; in a matter that demands attention
  18. Susurration
    N - a soft murmur, whisper
  19. Blatant
    ADJ - overly obvious
  20. Dubious
    ADJ - marked by doubt; questionable
  21. Belligerence
    N - a hostile, warlike attitude or inclination
  22. Impalpable
    • ADJ - 1)Not touchable; intangible.
    • 2) Difficult to grasp or comprehend
  23. Myriad
    N - Constituting a very large, indefinite number; innumerable
  24. Preposterous
    ADJ - Absurd, senseless, utterly foolish.
  25. Incredulously
    ADV - Skeptically, showing disbelief
  26. Malevolently
    ADV - Having or exhibiting ill will; wishing harm to others; malicious

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Lord of the Flies Vocab ch 1-4
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Lord of the Flies Vocab ch 1-4
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