Chapter 13

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  1. Climate Change
    Global warming, plus changing sea levels, precipitation, storms, and ecosystm effects
  2. Cultural Imperialism
    The rapid spread or advance of one culture at the expense of others, or its impostition on other cultures, which it modifies, replaces, or destroys--- usually because of differential economic or political influence
  3. Diaspora
    The offspring of an area who have spread to many lands
  4. Ecological Anthropology
    Study of cultural adaptations to environments
  5. Essentialism
    The process of viewing an identity as established, real, and frozen, so as to hide the historical processes and politics within which that identity developed
  6. Ethnoecology
    A culture's set of environmental practices and perceptions
  7. Greenhouse Effect
    Warming from trapped atmospheric gases
  8. Indigenized
    Modified to fit the local culture
  9. Postmodern
    In its most general sense, describes the blurring and breakdown of established canons (rules, standards), categories, distinctions, and boundaries
  10. Postmodernism
    A style and movement in archietcture that succeeded modernism. Compared with modernism, postmodernism is less geometric, less functional, less austere, more playful, and more willing to include elesments from fiverse times and cultures; ______ now describes comparable developments in music, literature and visual art
  11. Postmodernity
    Condition of a world in flux, with people on-the-move, in which established groups, boundaries, identities, contrasts, and standards are reaching out and breaking down
  12. Westernization
    The acculturative influence of Western expansion on other cultures
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