BIOL380 Prokaryotic Transcription

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  1. Instead of Transcription Factors, what binds to RNA Polymerase to form a Complex to bind to the Promoter?
    Sigma Factor Associates
  2. Prokaryotic Termination occurs by what two mechanism?
    • Rho-Dependent Terminators
    • Rho-Independent Terminators
  3. What do Rho-Dependent Terminators do?
    They cause the Termination of Prokaryotic Transcription only in teh presence of Rho (protein)
  4. What does Rho (protein) do in Prokaryotic Transcription?
    Unwinds the DNA-RNA Hybrid
  5. How do Rho-Independent Terminators work?
    • The Terminator Sequence is Transcribed Before Transcription is Stopped.
    • A Hairpin Structure forms that stop transcription along with a string of Uracil Nucleotides.
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