Blood, Vocab Quiz 6

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  1. Anemia
    Deficent number of red blood cells or deficient hemoglobin.
  2. Antibody
    Substance produced by the body that destroys or inactivates a specific substance that has entered the body
  3. Antigen
    Substance that when introduced into the body causes formation of antibodies against it.
  4. Aplastic Anemia
    Blood disorder characterized by a low red blood cell count caused by destruction of myeloid tissue in the bone marrow
  5. Basophil
    While blood cells that stains readily with basic dyes
  6. Buffy Coat
    Thin layer of WBCs and platelets located between RBCs and plasma in a centrifuged sample of blood
  7. Carbaminohemoglobin
    The compund formed by the union of carbon dioxide with hemoglobin.
  8. Embolism
    Obstruction of a blood vessel by foreign matter carried in the bloodstream.
  9. Embolus
    A blood clot or other substance (bubble of air) that is moving in the blood and may block a blood vessel.
  10. Eosinophil
    WBC that is readily stained by eosin.
  11. Erythroblastosis Fetalis
    A disease that may develop when an Rh-negitive mother has anti-Rh antibodies and gives birth to an Rh-positive baby and the antibodies react with the Rh-positive cells of the baby
  12. Erythrocytes
    Red Blood Cells (RBCs)
  13. Fibrin
    Insoluble protein in clotting blood
  14. Fibrinogen
    Soluble blood protine that is converted to insoluble fibrin during clotting
  15. Hematocrit
    Volume % of blood cells in whole blood
  16. Hemoglobin
    Iron-containing protein in RBCs
  17. Hemorrhagic Anemia
    Condition characterized by low oxygen-carrying capacity of blood.

    Caused by decreased RBCs lifespan and/or increased rate of RBC destruction
  18. Heparin
    Substance obtained from the liver

    Inhibits blood clotting
  19. Leukemia
    Blood cancer characterized by an increase in WBCs
  20. Leukocyte
    White Blood Cells (WBCs)
  21. Leukocytosis
    Abnormally high WBC numbers in the blood
  22. Leukopenia
    Abnormally low WBC numbers in the blood
  23. Lymphocyte
    • Type of WBCs
    • B-Cell
    • T-Cell
  24. Macrophages
    Phagocytic cells in the immune system
  25. Monocyte
    A phagocyte
  26. Neutrophil
    WBCs that stain readily with neutral dyes
  27. Oxyhemoglobin
    Hemoglobin combined with oxygen
  28. Pernicious Anemia
    Deficiency of RBCs resulting from a lack of vitamin B12
  29. Phagocyte
    WBC that engulfs microbes and digests them
  30. Plasma
    Liquid part of blood
  31. Plasma Protein
    Any of several proteins normally found in the plasma
  32. Polycythemia
    An excessive number of RBCs
  33. Prothrombin
    A protein present in normal blood that is required for blood clotting
  34. Prothrombin Activator
    • A protein fromed by clotting factors from damaged tissue cells and platelets
    • It converts prothrombin to thrombin. A step essential to forming a blood clot
  35. Serum
    Blood plasma minus its clotting factors, still contains antibodies
  36. Sickle Cell Anemia
    Severe, possibly fatal, hereditary disease caused by an abnormal type of hemoglobin
  37. Agglutinate
    Antibodies causing antigens to clump or stick together
  38. Thrombin
    Protein important in blood clotting
  39. Thrombocyte
    • Also called platelet
    • Plays a role in blood clotting
  40. Thrombosis
    Fromation of a clot in a blood vessel.
  41. Thrombus
    Stationary blood clot
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