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  1. parasymp control of eye
    M3: lacrimation, miosis dec IOP
  2. symp control of eye
    a1: mydriasis, dec IOP / b: inc IOP
  3. parasymp control of heart
    M3: slows
  4. symp control of heart
    B1: inc HR and force
  5. parasymp control of lung
    M3: bronchostriction
  6. symp control of lung
    B2: bronchodilation
  7. parasymp control of GI
    M3: SLUD
  8. symp control of GI
    a1: bladder constrictions (holding your pee) so a1 antagonists good for BPH
  9. symp control of blood vessels
    a1: HTN
  10. symp control of kidney
    b1: inc renin, inc BP, D1 DA activation
  11. a methyl groups on ACh
    Nicotinic selective
  12. b methyl groups on ACh
    muscarinic selective
  13. direct parasympathomimetics indications
    glaucoma, miosis
  14. direct parasympathomimetics contraindications
    asthma COPD
  15. direct parasympathomimetics SE
    SLUD, confusion
  16. Varenicline
    special direct parasympathomimetic bc it acts on NICOTINIC receptors
  17. use atropine for overdose of these indirect parasympathomimetics
    stigmines, memantine
  18. scopolamine
    parasympatholytic for sea sickness
  19. what to use as anti-GI spasms
    quaternary amines (stays in gut, cant reach brain)
  20. parasympatholytic SE
    sedation, dry mouth, blurry eyes, coma, death, tachycardia (block M2 in heart)
  21. ganglionic blocker structure
    n= 5 or 6
  22. neuromuscular blocker structure
    n = 7 or greater
  23. ganglionic nicotinic blocker indication
    controlled surgical hypotension
  24. neuromuscular nicotinic blockers
    succinylcholine, Curiums, caution DEATH by resp paralysis
  25. NET and DAT
    uptake 1; presynaptic
  26. uptake 2
    cationic; postsynaptic
  27. VMA
    from MAO and COMT; too much in urine = pheochromacytoma
  28. a1 receptors
    vessels; inc BP, dec aq humor, mydriasis
  29. a2 receptors
    brain; presynaptic; dec BP and HR
  30. b1 receptors
    heart, kidney, inc HR and force and BP (renin)
  31. b2 receptors
    lungs, inc bronchodilation, inc aq humor
  32. psychostimulant indications
    ADHD, narcolepsy
  33. droperidol
    typical antispychotic for antiemesis
  34. typical antipsychotics
    D2 so EPS that may progress to TARDIVE DYS (permanent)
  35. atypical antipsychotics
    5HT2A, less EPS and TD but weight gain and diabetes; treat negative sx better
  36. MAOIs
    irreversible; cheese syndrome (inc tyramine = inc BP, HR)
  37. miosis
    circular muscle, M3
  38. mydriasis
    radial muscle, a1
  39. aq humor secretion
  40. varenicline
    nicotinic; direct parasympathomimetic; smoking cessation
  41. zolines
    partial a1 agonists; TACHY; eye drops and nose sprays
  42. phenylephrine
    full a1 agonist; decongestant and glaucoma
  43. a1 agonist c/i
  44. zosins
    a1 antagonists
  45. zosin indications
    HTN, BPH but causes reflex tachy
  46. Phentolamine
    A1 and a2 antagonist
  47. Phenoxybenzamine
    Irreversible a antagonist for pheochromacytoma
  48. Clonidine
    A2 agonist; HTN; alcohol withdrawal
  49. Guanbenz
    A2 agonist; HTN; alcohol withdrawal
  50. Tizanidine
    A2 agonist; HTN; alcohol withdrawal; muscle relaxer
  51. Methyldopa
    A2 agonist; HTN; alcohol withdrawal
  52. A2 agonist SE
    Causes WITHDRAWAL themselves
  53. Yohimbine
    Indole alkaloid; a2antagonist; inc BP and HR
  54. Isoproterenol
    Nonselective b agonist; asthma COPD, inc HR and BP
  55. Albuterol
    B2 agonist
  56. Salmetrol
    B2 agonist
  57. Metaproterenol
    B2 agonist
  58. Terbutaline
    B2 agonist
  59. Dobutamine
    Mixed A1 b1; POSITIVE IONOTROPIC; no HR change; for cardiac failure
  60. Propranolol
    Nonselective b blocker
  61. SE of all b antagonist
    Bradycardia, bronchostriction, WITHDRAWAL (can be used for glaucoma)
  62. Nadolol
    B1 b2
  63. Timolol
    B1 b2 glaucoma
  64. Pindolol
    B1 b2 ; partial agonist
  65. Cardeolol
    B1 b2 ; partial agonist
  66. Atenolol
    B1 agonist
  67. Bisoprolol
    B1 agonist
  68. Metaproplol
    B1 agonist
  69. Esmolol
    B1 agonist; short ester that�s CLEAVED. IV infusion to stop heart fast
  70. Labetalol
    Mixed a1 b; no HR effect; selectively treats BP
  71. Carvedilol
    Mixed a1 b; no HR effect; selective treats Bp
  72. Reserpine
    Indol alkaloid; blocks vesicular storage of DA, NE, 5ht; sympatholytic (dec BP and HR)
  73. Reserpine SE
    PD-like sx and depression
  74. Cocaine
    DAT/NET blocker; psychostimulant
  75. Methylphenidate
    DAT/NET blocker; psychostimulant
  76. Modafinil
    DAT/NET blocker; psychostimulant
  77. Sibutramine
    DAT/NET blocker; psychostimulant
  78. Atomoxetine
    NET selective; adhd ; psychostimulant
  79. Psychostimulants
    ADHD; narc; inc DA�abuse
  80. Apomorphine
    D1 d2 agonist; parkinsons
  81. Bromocriptine
    Ergolide; d2 agonist; PD
  82. Pergolide
    Ergolide; d2 agonist; PD
  83. Ropirinole
    D2 agonist, PD
  84. Pramipexole
    D2 agonist; PD
  85. Dihydrexidine
    D1; Nichols
  86. Selegiline
    Mao b inhib , may slow progression;neuroprotection
  87. Rasalgine
    Mao b inhib; may slow progression; neuroprotective
  88. Psychadelics
    5ht2a agonists; tachy, tolerance, but no abuse because no DA inc
  89. Psilocibine
    Tryptamine psychedelic
  90. LSD
    Ergoline psychedelic
  91. Mescaline
    Phenethylamine psychedelic
  92. Mdma
    5ht release (serotonin syn, deaths from dehydration and hyperthermia), da releaser (abuse)
  93. Thc
    CB1/2 agonist
  94. Haloperidol
    Typical antipsychotic; d2, EPS
  95. Chlorpromazine
    Typical antipsychotic; d2, EPS
  96. Thiothixene
    Typical antipsychotic; d2, EPS
  97. Droperidol
    Typical antipsychotic; d2, EPS; ANTIEMESIS
  98. Typical antispsychotics
    D2, eps, tardive dysk
  99. Clozapine
    Atypical antipsychotic
  100. Olanzapine
    Atypical antipsychotic; clozapine bioisostere
  101. Quetiapine
    Atypical antipsychotic
  102. Risperadone
    Atypical antipsychotic
  103. Aripiprazole
    Atypical antipsychotic; partial d2 agonist; 5ht1a (anxiety); LOTS OF USES
  104. Atypicals
    5ht2a, less EPS and tardive but wt gain, diabetes. Treat negative sx better
  105. Phenalzine
    MAOI antidepressant; cheese syndrome
  106. Selegiline
    Maoi antidepressant; cheese syndrome
  107. Triamcypramine
    Maoi antidepressant; cheese syndrome
  108. Moclebomide
    Maoi antidepressant; reversible so no cheese syn
  109. Cheese syndrome
    Inc tyramine;; inc BP and HR; from IRREVERSIBLE MAOIs
  110. Imipramine
    TCA tertiary
  111. Desipramine
    TCA secondary
  112. Amitryptiline
    Tca tertiary (secondary is nortriptyline)
  113. Nortryptiline
    Secondary TCa
  114. Clomipramine
    OCD; TCA
  115. SSRIs
    SERT blockers with no antimusc SE but causes ANXIETY, SEXUAL DYSFCT, insomnia, tremors (xetines)
  116. TCAs
    NET/SERT blockers
  117. Fluoxetine
  118. Paroxetine
  119. Sertraline
  120. Escitalopram
  121. TCA SE
    Antimuscarinic, TACHY, antiSLUD
  122. Venlafaxine
    NET SERT (dual)
  123. Desvenlafaxine
    NET SERT dual
  124. Duloxetine
    Net sert Dual
  125. Dual inhibitors
    NET SERT (no antimuscarinic SE) ; net blockade can be used for neuropathic pain
  126. Reboxetine
    NET selective antidepressant
  127. Atomoxetine
    NET selective antidepressant
  128. Bupropion
    DAT antidepressant; smoking cessation; gad
  129. Trazodone, nefazodone, mirtazapine, maprotiline
  130. Lithium
    Dec IP turnover, small therapeutic index (toxic); mania
  131. Mania/bipolar other txs
    Anticonvulsants; antidepressant + antipsychotic; one drug with both
  132. Antidepressant for mania
  133. Antipsychotic for mania
  134. Antidepressant + antipsychotic for mania
    Aripiprazole; partial
  135. Caffeine
    Adenosine antagonist
  136. Fomepizole
    ADH inhib; inc etOH; ethylene glycol and metOH poisoning
  137. Disulfuram
    Inc acetyl aldehyde ; bad etOH effects
  138. MEOS
    1st order; cyp2e1, on at higher conc
  139. EtOH moa
    Enhance cl influx (gabaA)and blocks glu recep (NMDA)
  140. etOH withdrawal tx
    bzds, pheny, naltrexone, ondansetron, disulfuram, acamprosate, baclofen, Chantix
  141. ondansetron for etOH withdrawal
    blocks NV via 5ht3
  142. acamprosate for etOH withdrawal
    glu blocker
  143. baclofen for etoh withdrawal
    GABAb; heterodimer
  144. BZDs
    Sedative hypnotics; GABAa PAM (inc GABA affinity, channel opening and cl influx)
  145. Bbts
    Sedative hypnotic; GABA A pam, PLUS channel stays open longer; small TI
  146. Z hypnotics
    A1 selective and controls sleeps
  147. Midalozam
    Short acting bzd
  148. Z drugs
    Zolpidem, zaleplone, esszopicline (long term)
  149. flumazenil
    bzd antagonist, neutrol allosteric modulator, used for BZD or z hypnotic overdose
  150. GHD
    gabaA PAM, gabaB agonist, no antidote, used for daytime sleepiness (GBL = prodrug)
  151. ramelteon
    melatonin agonist; MT1 and 2; modulate circadian rhythm; no dependence, abuse; used for JET LAG
  152. anxiolytic for panic
    BZDs only!!
  153. Buspirone
    5ht1a partial presynaptic ; anxiolytic
  154. Other anxiolytics
    Ssris, tcas, snris, propranolol (can penetrate brain;for acute)
  155. Phenytoin
    Na channel ; prolongs inactivation; autoinducer; nonlinear- titrate
  156. Phenytoin se
    Hirsutism, gingival hyperplasia
  157. Fosphenytoin
    Prodrug; phosphatases
  158. Cbz
    Anticonvulsant; na channel block; bipolar; neuralgia; autoinducer of 3a4
  159. Phenobarb
    gabaA; autoinducer
  160. valproate;
    na, ca block, inc gaba, ABSENCE; inhibits pheny and cbz metabolism (c/i)
  161. ethosuximide
    ca selective; absence
  162. diazepam/any bzd for anticonvulsants
    status epilepticus; quick
  163. gabapentin; pregabalin
    inc gaba; adjucnts
  164. felbamate; topiramate
    block glu; antipsychotic; nmda and ampa
  165. diazepam spasmolydic
    gaba a, spinal cord only
  166. baclofen spasmolytic
    gaba b; spinal cord only
  167. tizanidine spasmolytic
    a2 agonist; spinal cord only
  168. cyclobenzaprine
    brain; not good for neuralgias; spasmolytic
  169. carisoprodol
    brain, not good for neuralgias; spasmolytic
  170. dantrolene
    muscle ; spasmolytic; dec ca from sr; antidote for malig hypertherm
  171. propofol
    iv anesthetic; gaba a; etoh like; antiemetic
  172. ketamine
    iv anes; nmda
  173. etomidate
    gaba a iv anesthetic
  174. midazolam, thiopental
    adjunct anes; pre-op; amnesia
  175. balanced anesthesia
    anesthetic, analgesia (NSAID opiate) , antiemetic (propofol)/droperdiol, amnesia (midazolam, thiopental)
  176. local anes
    na blockers; work best unionized; caines; vasoconstriction at site
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