Psych Ch. 10 sect. 1

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  1. Memory
    the storage and retrieval of what has been learned/experienced
  2. Encoding
    transforming of info. so the nervous system can process it
  3. Storage
    porcess by which info. is maintained over a period of time
  4. Retrieval
    process of obtaining info. stored in the memory
  5. Sensory memory
    vrief memory storage immediately following initial reception of a stimulus
  6. Short-term memory
    memory limited in capacity to abt 7 items and in duration
  7. Maintenance rehersal
    system for rembering involving repeating info. to onself w/ out attempting to find meaning in it
  8. Chunking
    process of grouping items to make them easier to remember
  9. Primacy-recency effect
    that we are better able to recall info. presented at the beginning and end of a list
  10. Working memory
    • another name for short-term memory basically
    • works/processes current info.
  11. Long-term memory
    Storage of info. over extended periods of time
  12. Semantic memory
    deals w/ knowledge of language
  13. Episodic memory
    memory of ones life
  14. Declarative memory
    memory of knowledge that can be called forth consciously as needed
  15. Procedural memory
    memory of learned skills that does not require conscious recollection
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