weather chapter 10

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  1. what is the hadley cell a circulation of?
  2. what is the hadely cell refered to and why?
    a thermally direct cell because it is driven by energy from the sun as warm air rises and cold air sinks.
  3. what is a jet stream?
    a swiftly flowing air current.
  4. what are a few types of jet streams?
    • subtropical jet stream
    • polar front jet stream
    • tropical easterly jet stream
  5. what is the average position of jet streams?
  6. what is the ultimate cause of jet streams?
    the energy imbalance that exist between high and low latitudes.
  7. what time of year is the jet stream contain the strongest winds and why?
    in the winter
  8. define Air Mass
    a extremly large body of air whose properties of temperature and humidity are fairly similar in any horizontal direction at any given altitude.
  9. Define source region
    Regions where air masses originate
  10. Define Front
    a transition zone between two air masses of different densities.
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