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  1. the lung channel begins
    In the middle jiao
  2. The LI channel begins at
    LI 1
  3. The stomach channel begins
    LI 20
  4. The Spleen channel begins
    Spleen 1
  5. crossing points on Lung channel
  6. St 4, ST 12 are crossing points on what channel?
    The LI channel
  7. LI 20 and SP 1 are crossing points on what channel?
    Stomach channel
  8. Lung 1 is a crossing point on what channel?
    The Spleen channel
  9. stomach is an extra organ of what channel
    Lung channel
  10. LI channel enters what organs
    LI, LU
  11. stomach channel enters what organs
    • stomach
    • spleen
  12. spleen enters what organs
    • stomach
    • spleen
    • heart
  13. tissue of the lung channel
  14. tissue of the LI channel
    lower gums
  15. tissue of ST channel
    upper gums
  16. tissue of spleen channel
    'spreads' over lower surface of the tongue
  17. linkage of the lung channel
    Lung 7 to LI 1
  18. linkage of LI channel
    LI 20 to St 1
  19. linkage of ST channel
    st 42 to spleen 1
  20. linkage of spleen channel
    from ren 10 to the heart
  21. 3 branches of the ren 10 on the sp channel go to
    • spleen
    • st\sp
    • back to primary channel
  22. this channel goes to the nose
    lung channel
  23. this channel pathway crosses over to the other side of the face
    LI channel
  24. what is the 'tibial branch' of the st channel?
    st 36 to the the lateral side of the 3rd toe
  25. the following pathologies are associated with what channel?
    cough and asthmatic breathing
    congested and sore throat
    fullness in chest
    pain in shoulder, back, anterior border of the arm
    pain in supraclavicular fossa, shoulder, back
    hemoptysis (coughing up blood)
    the lung channel
  26. lung luo point
    lung 7
  27. lung luo pathway
    seperates from the primary channel at LU 7 and disperses into the thenar eminence, connects with LI channel
  28. Lung luo xu symptoms
    • shortness of breathe
    • frequent urination
    • incontinence
    • yawning
  29. lung luo shi symptoms
    • hot palms or wrists
    • tightness in chest
    • chest pain
    • hemoptysis
  30. lung tm channel is associated with
    pain over the ribs
  31. lung divergent channel diverges at
    the axilla
  32. lung divergent channel enters
    • the chest
    • (connects with lung and disperses into LI)
  33. lung divergent channel emerges at
    • SCF
    • (a branch ascends from lung and emerges at SCF)
  34. lung divergent channel converges at
    • the throat
    • (LI 18)

    (a branch ascends across the throat and converges with LI channel at neck)
  35. lung divergent channel treats
    • nasal obstruction\disorder
    • nose bleed (epistaxis)
    • disorders of the throat
  36. front mu of LU
    Lung 1
  37. window of heavan pt on lung channel
    also calms the corporeal soul
    lung 3
  38. water and he-sea pt of lung channel
    lung 5
  39. cleft pt of lung channel
    lung 6
  40. luo pt of lung channel
    lung 7
  41. river pt of lung channel
    lung 8
  42. At this pt, avoid the radial artery
    lung 9
  43. source and stream pt of LU channel
    lung 9
  44. spring pt of lung channel
    lung 10
  45. well pt of lung channel
    lung 11
  46. the following pathologies are associated with what channel?
    watery nasal discharge
    congested and sore throat
    pain in the neck
    pain in the anterior part of shoulder and anterior border of the lateral aspect of the upper limb
    abdominal pain
    The LI channel
  47. large intestine luo
    LI 6
  48. LI luo pathway
    • begins at LI 6 (joins with the lung channel)
    • ascends the arm to LI 15 and through the jaw and teeth and nose
    • enters the ear
  49. The following luo xu symptoms are associated with which channel?
    sensation of coldness in the teeth
    sensitivity to cold food \ drink on the teeth
    fullness and congestion in the chest
    a stifling sensation in the chest and diaphram
    LI Luo
  50. the following shi luo symptoms are associated with which channel?
    gum disease
    ear disorders
    LI Luo
  51. inability to turn (rotate) the neck left and right or inability to raise the shoulder are associated with what TM channel?
    LI TM
  52. LI divergent channel seperates
    on the hand
  53. LI divergent channel enters
    supraclavicular fossa
  54. LI divergent channel emerges
    supraclavicular fossa
  55. LI divergent channel converges
    throat (LI 18)
  56. LI divergent channel treats
    • benefits throat and voice
    • alleviates cough and wheeze
    • disorders of the chest and breast
    • pain in the chest, upper back, throat
  57. clears heat and revives consciousness on LI channel
    LI 1
  58. clears heat
    reduces swelling
    on LI channel
    LI 2
  59. dispels fullness
    treats diarrea
    benefits throat and teeth on LI channel
    LI 3
  60. point on LI channel that
    regulates defensive qi and adjust sweating
    regulates face, eyes, nose, mouth, ears
    restores the yang
    induces labor
    LI 4
  61. on LI channel
    clears yang ming heat
    calms the spirit
    benefits the wrist joint
    LI 5
  62. river pt on LI
    LI 5
  63. luo pt on LI
    LI 6
  64. on LI channel
    regulates the water passages
    expels wind and clears heat
    LI 6
  65. cleft pt of LI
    LI 7
  66. harmonises the small intestine on LI channel
    LI 8
  67. harmonises the large intestine on LI channel
    LI 9
  68. mirror for st 36 on LI channel
    harmonises the st and intestines
    LI 10
  69. heavenly star pt \ ghost pt on LI channel
    -clears heat
    -cools the blood, eliminates wind, drains damp, and alleviates itching
    LI 11
  70. benefits the elbow joint on LI channel
    LI 12
  71. transforms phlegm on LI channel
    regulates qi, drains damp
    LI 13
  72. lung xi cleft pt
    lung 6
  73. large intestine xi cleft point
    large intestine 7
  74. stomach xi cleft point
    stomach 34
  75. spleen xi cleft point
    spleen 8
  76. mu point of lung
    lung 1
  77. Mu point of large intestine
    stomach 25
  78. mu point of spleen
    liver 13
  79. the influential point of vessels
    lung 9
  80. the master of ren point (conception vessels)
    lung 7
  81. master of chong \ penetrating vessel
    spleen 4
  82. lower he sea point of large intestine
    stomach 37
  83. lower he sea point for small intestine
    stomach 39
  84. harmonizes the SI on the LI channel
    Large intestine 8
  85. st 36 of LI channel
    Large intestine 10
  86. command point of abdomen
    stomach 36
  87. command point of head \ neck
    lung 7
  88. command point of head\neck\and face
    Large intestine 4
  89. jing
    • path, channel
    • implied vertical orientation
  90. luo
    • net, network
    • implied horizontal orientation
  91. jing luo
    channel matrix
  92. what channels
    -circulate qi and blood
    -connect upper and lower regions of body
    -connect right and left side of body
    -nourish and irrigate the whole body
    -protect the body from disease
    12 primary channels
  93. what is the flow of qi
    • chest to hand
    • hand to face
    • face to foot
    • foot back to chest
  94. what channels
    -balance yin and yang in limbs
    -strengthen the relationship between yin\yang paired channels
    -strengthen the integrity of the body surface
    luo connecting channels
  95. how many luo connecting channels are there
  96. what channels
    -balance yin and yang internally at organ level
    -integrate areas of the body not supplied or interconnected by the primary channels
    -run deep to strengthen the relationship between the paired channels and zang fu organs
    -distribute qi and blood to the head, face, and interior
    divergent channels
  97. what channels
    -act as reservoirs for qi and blood
    -link to the primary channels
    -balance left\right, above\below, interior\exterior, back\front
    -protect the body
    8 extraordinary channels
  98. sea of yin
  99. sea of yang
  100. sea of blood
  101. girdle vessel
  102. what are the four seas points of food, grain, and water
    • stomach 30
    • stomach 36
  103. what are the four seas points of qi
    stomach 9
  104. sea of blood points
    • st 37
    • st 39
  105. which point on the st channel benefits the shoulder?
    st 38
  106. source points are _ on yin channels
    source points are _ on yang channels
    • 3rd on yin channels
    • 4th on yang channels
  107. caution with these points because of needling into peritineal cavity
    • spleen 13
    • spleen 14
  108. point on stomach channel that is a distal point for mouth\throat\teeth and calms the spirit
    stomach 44
  109. he sea point on st channel
    st 36
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