Med Terms CH.5

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  1. abrasion
    a scrape
  2. adscess
    collection of pus in a cavity with inflammation

    HUGE pimple!
  3. cellulite
    subcutaneous fat
  4. cicatrix
    scar/scar tissue
  5. comedo
    pimple; buildup of oil from sebaceous glands. bacteria feed on oil, attracts white blood cells=inflammation.
  6. contusion
  7. cyanosis
    blue tinge
  8. cyst
    sac on surface of skin
  9. edema
    fluid accumilation i.e swelling
  10. erythema
    redness of skin - sign of infection
  11. fissure
    narrow slit in skin
  12. furuncle
    abscess associated with hair follicle
  13. induration
    local hard area
  14. jaundice
    yellowing of skin
  15. keloid
    large scar tissue
  16. laceration
    injury caused by tear or cut
  17. macule
    discolored flat spot. i.e. freckle.
  18. nevus
  19. pallor
    abnormal paleness; could mean decreased bloodflow to skin
  20. papule
    small, solid elevation on skin
  21. petechia
    small vessel supplying dermis ruptures
  22. pruritus
    symptom of itchy skin
  23. purpura
    symptom of purple-red skin discoloration
  24. pustule
    pimple with pus
  25. ulcer
    erosion through skin
  26. urticaria
  27. verruca
  28. vesicle
    small elevation filled with fluid; blister.
  29. wheal
    like hives with a whiteish center
  30. acne
    bacterial infection of sebaceous glands
  31. actinic keratosis
    scaly skin from too much sun
  32. albinism
  33. alopecia
  34. carbuncle
    cluster of boils
  35. carcinoma
  36. cellulitis
    inflammation of connective tissue in dermis
  37. dermatitis
    edema of dermis
  38. ecchymosis
    puplish patches caused by leaking blood vessels
  39. herpes
    clusters of deep blisters
  40. hidrandenitis
    excessive sweating due to inflammation of sweat glands
  41. impetigo
    contagious skin infection. mostly around mouth, golden crusts and rupture of blood vessels
  42. Kaposi's sarcoma
    skin cancer from connective tissue in dermis. brown or purple patches
  43. leukoderma
    skin becomes lighter color due to reduced activity of melanocytes
  44. melanoma
    cancer from cells providing melanin
  45. onychocryptosis
    ingrown nail
  46. onychomalacia
    nail is abnormally soft
  47. onychomycosis
    funagl infection of nail
  48. paronychia
    infection around nail
  49. pediculosis
    hair lice; scalp or pubes
  50. psoriasis
    chronic skin disease; red lesions covered with silverly epidermal scales.
  51. scabies
    skin eruption by female itch mite
  52. scleroderma
    hardness of skin
  53. lupus
    red patches on skin
  54. tinea
    fungal infection
  55. trichomycosis
    fungal infection of hair
  56. xeroderma
    abnormally dry skin
  57. biopsy
    removal of tissue for evaluation
  58. debridement
    procedure to clean would of dirty objects
  59. dermabrasion
    cosmetic surgery to change appearance; remove scars, elevations.
  60. dermatoautoplasty
    healing using patients own skin graft, usually previously grown.
  61. dermatome
    device used to cut thin slices of skin for grafting
  62. dermatoplasty
    skin tissue transplanted to body surface
  63. emollient
    chemical that softens skin
  64. rhytidectomy
    plastic surgery; fix skin wrinkles
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