Theory III

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  1. an inert foreign body used for implantation within tissue
  2. to make greater, more numerous, larger, or more intense
  3. to increase the size beyond the existing size; in alveolar ridge or maxillary sinus augmentation: to increase the bone to accommodate a dental implant
  4. capable of existing in harmony with the surrounding biologic environment
  5. blade endosseous dental implant
    blade implant
  6. layer or fibrous connective tissue between the implant and surrounding bone. Also called fibrous integration; indicative of failed osseointegration
    fibrous encapsulation
  7. a prodecure that attempts to regenerate lost periodontal structures, such as a barrier technique to exclude epithelial ingrowth
    guided tissue regeneration
  8. masticatory force applied to an implant that exceeds the capacity of the bone implant interface, implant, or componetry to withstand it. Overload can compomise the integrity of an implant because no periodontal ligament is present to absorb the forces
    occlusal overload
  9. the direct attachment or connection of osseous tissue to an inert alloplastic material without intervening connective tissue
  10. inflammation of the periodontal tissues around an implant
  11. temporary or preliminary appliance or tooth used during healing or osseointegration for purposes of stability or appearance
    provisional prosthesis or tooth crown
  12. endowweous implant shaped in the approximate form of a tooth root
    root form dental implant
  13. a uniquely biocompatible metal used for implants either in the commercially pure form or as an alloy
  14. a common titanium alloy used for dental implants that contains 6% aluminum to increase strength and decrease weight and 4% vanadium to prevent corrosion
    titanium alloy
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