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  1. the bald faces stag pub
    high road east finchley
  2. athlone house hospital
    hampstead lane
  3. hampstead gold club
    winnington road
  4. mount tyndal
    spanyards road
  5. inverforth house
    north end way
  6. victoria stakes pub
    park road
  7. socialite club
    muswell hill
  8. ye olde bull and bush pub
    north end way
  9. king alfred school
    north end way -above hampstead way
  10. candle court
    bentley drive - off cricklewood lane
  11. safe start foundation
    handley grove- off claremont road
  12. hampstead school
    westbere road
  13. done our bit club
    maygrove road
  14. the shop nw10
    chamberlayne road (now gone) opposite station rise station ((now called sampson miro))
  15. cobden club
    kensal road
  16. defectors weild pub
    uxbridge road
  17. frames pub
    kensal road (north side)
  18. roger gracie brazillian academy
    kensal road
  19. white knight laundry services
    kensal road
  20. alpha womens rowing club
    ibis lane
  21. chiswick station
    burlington lane
  22. rutland house
    marloes road (east side)
  23. zetland house
    marloes road (east side)
  24. sheldrake place
    duchess of bedfords walk
  25. plane tree house
    duchess of bedfords walk
  26. cranley gardens
    old brompton road/ fulham road -runs south from gloucester road
  27. park city hotel
    lexham gardens
  28. anglesea arms
    neville + selwood terrace
  29. harrington court
    harrington road sdol from ken junction
  30. mercure hotel w8
    lexham gardens
  31. hereford square
    gloucester road
  32. 16 hotel
    sumner place
  33. regency hotel
    queens gate -sdol n boud @bottom
  34. malvern court
    onslow sq
  35. melton court
    onslow court
  36. joes restaurant
    draycott ave 2 way part @ brompton rd
  37. first street
    walton street/ mossop street
  38. the enterprise pub
    walton street sdol s bound
  39. scalini restaurant
    walton street sdol s bound
  40. ovington sq
    walton street
  41. general trading co.
    pelham street sdol s bound
  42. eclipse restaurant
    walton street sdol sounthbound
  43. harrods cab rank 2
    hand road
  44. the tea clipper pub
    montpellier street
  45. german evangelical church
    montpelier place
  46. brompton quarter brasserie
    brompton road
  47. rutland gate
    kensington road
  48. royal college of organists
    kensington gore
  49. royal college of art
    kensington gore
  50. notting hill brasserie
    kensington park road (opp stanley gardens)
  51. ledbury restaurant
    ledbury road sdol @ top end
  52. city of westminster college
    church road- off edgware road
  53. st stephens gardens
    westbourne park road
  54. big table furniture shop
    gt western road
  55. the cow dining room
    westbourne park road
  56. paddington police station
    edgeware road/ harrow rd
  57. feng shang restaurant
    prince albert road
  58. americana restaurant
    gloucester road sdor
  59. stockleigh hall
    prince albert road
  60. oslo court restaurant
    chalbert street
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