Theory III

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  1. any device designed to influence the shape and/or function of the mouth/jaw system
  2. a bonded or banded appliance affixed to individual teeth or groups of teeth
    fixed appliance
  3. device used to influence growht and/or position of the teeth and jaws
    orthodontic appliance
  4. device used to influence growth and/or position of bones
    orthopedic appliance
  5. curved wire positioned in the brackets around the dental arch and held in place by elastomers or ligatures
    arch wire
  6. preformed stainless steel ring fitted around a tooth and cemented in place; available in shapes for each tooth form; each band has a bracket attached on the facial side, which is the mode of attachment for the arch wire
  7. process by which orthodonti brackets are affixed to the tooth surface; a fluoride-releasing, light activated resin is frequently used
  8. a single-step intraoral procedure in which orthodontic attachemnts are oriented and bonded individually
    direct bonding
  9. a two-step process by which orthodontic attachments are affixed temporarily to the teeth of a study cast from which they are transferred to the mouth at one time by means of a template or tray that preserves the predetermined orientation and permits them to be bonded simultaneously
    indirect bonding
  10. attachment that is bonded to the enamel for the purpose of holding the arch wire
  11. alumina used as a single-crystal material or as a polycrystalline material
  12. removal of brackets and residual adhesive, after which the tooth surface is returned to its normal contour
  13. elastoplastic ring or latex elastic used to hold an arch wire in a bracket wing
  14. ability of bracket material to resist fracture
    fracture toughness
  15. dental services intended to prevent the development of a malocclusion by maintaining the integrity of an otherwixe normally developing dentition
    interceptive/preventive orthodontics
  16. cord, thread, elastic, or stainless steel wire used to secure the arch wire to the bracket
  17. an orhtodontic appliance fixed or removable, used to maintain the position of the teeth following corrective tx
  18. a removable plastic and wire appliance used to stabilized teeth; may be modified for special applications during or after ortho therapy
    hawley retainer
  19. prosthetic replacement for prematurley lost primary teeth to prevent closure of the space before eruption of the permanent successors
    space maintainer
  20. appliance used for correction of tooth displacement resulting from premature loss of one or more teeth without timely space maintenance
    space regainer
  21. susceptible to extension capable of being stretched
  22. maximum stress that a material is capable of sustaining, usually expressed in pounds per square inch
    tensile strength
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