MCMP441 Final

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  1. Phospholipase A2
    cleaves the ester that connects arachidonic acid to the phospholipid. Modulated by immune mediators like TNFalpha and IFNgamma
  2. Phospholipase C
    Membrane protein activated by GPCRs that cleaves the polar head group of the phospholipid.
  3. COX-1
    Constitutively expressed; present in most cells; inhibition in stomach lining=ulcers and bleeding
  4. COX-2
    Inducible via inflammation; blocked by glucocorticoids; can be selectively inhibited; not constitutively expressed in many tissues
  5. PGI2
    Dilates blood vessels; inhibits platelet aggregation
  6. PGF2alpha
    Two pathways of production: muscle constriction stimulator (Uterus), bronchostrictor (Lung)
  7. PGE2
    Made in many immune cells and other tissues where it helps maintain vasodilation and relaxation (Macrophages, Mast cells)
  8. PGD2
    Inflammation (Mast Cells)
  9. TXA2
    Vasoconstrictor; Stimulates platelet formation
  10. 5-lipoxygenase
    expressed in leukocytes, mast cells, dendritic cells; FLAP is required for activity.
  11. Smooth Muscle: RELAXATION
    PGD2 PGI2 PGE2
  12. Smooth Muscle: CONTRICTION
    PGF2alpha PGE2
  13. Vascular smooth muscle: RELAXATION
    PGI2 PGE2
  14. Vascular smooth muscle: CONSTRICTION
  15. Longitudinal muscle: CONSTRICTION
    PGE2 PGF2alpha
  16. Circular Muscle: RELAXATION
  17. Circular Muscle: CONSTRICTION
    PGI2 PGF2alpha
  18. Bronchial smooth muscle/lung: RELAXATION
    PGE1-2 PGI2
  19. Bronchial smooth muscle/lung: CONSTRICTION
  20. Uterine:CONSTRICTION
    PGE2 PGF2alpha
  21. Platelets
    PGI2; Inhibits platelet aggregation
  22. CNS
    PGE1-2; both cause increased body temperature
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