Biology Midterm

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  1. What are the steps of the cell cycle and what happens in each of them?
    • Cell Growth
    • 1. G1: "Growth #1" Cell grows rapidly, makes the basic organelles.
    • 2. S Phase: "Syntheis Phase" Copies the DNA.
    • 3. G2: "Growth #2" Cell grows and prepares to divide.
    • Cell Division
    • 4. Mitosis: Nucleus divides to form two new nuclei.
    • 5. Cytokenisis: Cytoplasm divides.
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  2. What is the first step of Mitosis and what happens in it?
    • Prophase: Nuclear membrane dissolves, and the Spindle Fibers form. The centrosomes move to opposite poles.
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  3. What is the second step of Mitosis and what happens in it?
    • Metaphase: The condensed chromosomes line up along the equator and the spindle fibers link the chromatids of each chromosome to opposite poles.
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