Self Care- Lice, Scabies, Worms

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  1. What are the 3 kinds of lice?
    • Pediculosis capitis: head lice
    • Pediculosis coporis: body lice
    • Phthirus pubis: pubic lice
  2. What is the average life span of a louse?
    20-30 days
  3. When nits hatch to nymphs, how do they have until they must eat?
    24hrs or they will die
  4. What are (4) non-pharmacological treatments of lice?
    • remove nits with fine tooth comb
    • Avoid contact
    • Wash clothing/bedding in hot! water and drier
    • Place items in sealed bag for 2 weeks
  5. What are the non-prescription therapies of lice?
    • Synergized pyrethins (combo of pyrethrins & piperonyl butoxide): RID
    • Permethrin: NIX
  6. What is the mechanism of RID? (Both ingredients)
    • Pyrethrin: binds to Na+ channels & inc. depolarization
    • Piperonyl butoxide: inhibits CYP450 of parasite which inhibits oxidation which inactivates pyrethrins
  7. What is the indication of RID?
    Head & Body lice
  8. What is the dosing of RID?
    • Apply to dry hair at base of hair shaft
    • Leave in for 10min
    • Rinse
    • Use fine tooth comb
    • Repeat in 7-10 days
  9. What is the mechanism of NIX?
    disrupts Na+channels which delays repolarization and cause paralysis of parasite
  10. What is the indication of NIX?
    • Head Lice
    • prescription strength- scabies
  11. What is the dosing of NIX?
    • Wash hair w/ shampoo
    • Towel dry
    • Apply creme let in for 10 min
    • Rinse w/ warm water and dry
    • Use fine tooth comb
    • creme has residual effect for 10days- no reapplication
  12. What si the age difference between RID and NIX?
    • RID: >2yr
    • NIX: >2yrs but safe for >3months
  13. What are the (7) exclusions for self care of Lice?
    • hypersensitivity
    • presence of secondary skin infection
    • infestation of eyebrows
    • active tumors
    • Children <2ys
    • pregnancy
    • Failure of 2 previous treatments
  14. What are (8) other treatments of Lice?
    • Pediculocide spray
    • Dimethicone
    • Dry-on Suffocation based pediculocide (DSP)
    • Pediculocide-free agents
    • Lindane
    • Malathion
    • Benzoyl alcohol
    • Spinosad
  15. What is the mechanism of Diemthicone?
    immobilizes louse and prevents ability to manage water
  16. What is the mechanism of DSP?
    immobilizes louse to be removed
  17. What is the mechanism of Lindane?
    Blocks GABA causing CNS stimulants and parasite death
  18. What is the mechanism of Malathion?
    inhibits cholinesterase activity
  19. What is the mechanism of benzoyl alcohol?
    inhibits lice from closing their respiratory spiracle- death by asphyxiation
  20. Benzoyl alchohol and Lindane can be used in what ages?
    > 6months
  21. Spinosad can be used in what ages?
    > 4 years with head lice
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