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  1. Abraham Lincoln's views of slavery (Lincoln-Douglas)
    Lincoln opposed slavery while Stephen Douglas supported popular sovereignty (local self-government & individual self-determination).
  2. The Kansas-Nebraska Act & Bleeding Kansas
    Bleeding Kansas was a sporadic civil war between pro and anti-slavery.

    In 1854, the Kansas-Nebraska area covers a vast area of the nation's heartland. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was proposed by Stephen Douglas. This act repealed the Missouri Compromise. The act opened Kansas & Nebraska to the possible spread of slavery.
  3. The Dred Scott decision
    Dred Scott was a slave who sued for his freedom, claiming that residence on free soil had made him free.

    Illinois & Wisconsin.

    Only white persons could be citizens of the United States.

    Congress possessed no power under the Constitution to bar slavery from a territory.

    Temporary residence in a free state did not automatically free a slave.
  4. American settlement in Texas (the Alamo, Texan independence, and Texas annexation)
    Texas was brought into the US as as slave state. The annexation of Texas happened in 1845 under John Tyler, the 10th president. The first president of the Republic of Texas was Sam Houston. Sam Houston routed Santa Anna's army at the Battle of San Jacinto in April 1836. This forced General Santa Anna to recognize Texan independence. The Alamo was a mission compound in San Antonio. 187 American and Tejano defenders were killed in the heated but eventually one sided battle.
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