Physics Test Chapter 1 and Two

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  1. What are the Five Steps of the Scientific Method?
    • 1.) Recognize a problem
    • 2.) Make an educated guess---> a hypothesis --> about the answer
    • 3.) Predict the consequences of the hypothesis
    • 4.) Find a way to experiment ; then test the problem
    • 5.) Formulated the simplest general rule that organizes the three main ingredients; hypothesis, prediction, and experimental outcome.
  2. Calculating your average speed, what info. must you need to know?
    Distance over Time
  3. Which of the following numbers have four significant figures?
    c.) 3.40
  4. Express the following number in scientific notation; 123,000m?
    a.) 1.23 x 10 3 m
    b.) 1.23 x 10 -3 m
    c.) 1.23 x 10 5 m
    d.) 1.23 x 10 -5 m
  5. What is the speed of an object at rest?
    a.) 1 km/h
    b.) 15 km/h
    c.) 0 km/h
    d.) can not be determined without further information
  6. A measurement of 85 km/h north west is which of the following variables?
    a.) Velocity
    b.) Speed
    c.) Acceleration
  7. An airplane is flying at 635 miles per hour at an altitude of 35,000 feet. It is currently over Kansas and is approximately 16 minutes ahead of its scheduled arrival time. What is its velocity?
    a.) 625 mph
    b.) 16 mi/min
    c.) 35,000 ft/s
    d.) Cannot be determined until further data.
  8. Which of the following does not indicate velocity?
    a.) 40 ft/s SSE
    b.)14 mi/hr toward the town square along main street
    c.) 28 km/hr going from Acworth towards Kennesaw
    d.) 80 miles from Atlanta to Macon
  9. A car traveling in a straight line at 22 m/s experiences a -3m/s acceleration After six seconds;
    a.) the car is slowing down
    b.) the car is speeding up
    c.) the speed is constant
    d.) the velocity s constant
  10. a ball is thrown up it reaches its minimum speed at
    a.) just before impact
    b.)somewhere in the middle
    c.)the moment it leaves the hand
    d.) the top of its flight
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