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  1. some elements achieve stable electron configuration through what?
    the transfer of electrons between atoms.
  2. what is an electron dot diagram?
    a model of an atom in which each dot represents a valence electron.
  3. define ion.
    atom with a charge
  4. define cation.
    ion with a positive charge.
  5. define anion.
    ion with a negative charge
  6. define ionic bond.
    force that holds anions and cations together
  7. define ionization energy.
    amount of energy needed to remove an electron from an atom
  8. define chemical bond.
    force that holds atoms together
  9. how do you know how many electrons/dots there are in an element?
    what groups theyre in
  10. when an atom gains or loses an electron, the number of protons is ____________________________.
    no longer equal to the number of electrons
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