Chapter 16 - Nails

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  1. Brown nails?
    • Addison's dz.
    • hemochromatosis
    • gold therapy
    • arsenic intoxication
    • malignant melanoma
    • nelson's syndrome (enlargement of pituitary adenoma often times after adrenal gland removal)
  2. Beau's lines
    • Horizontal depression across a nail plate caused by transient arrest of nail growth.
    • Causes: MI, PE, or high fever
  3. Herpetic Whitlow
    Usually severely painful herpetic (viral) infection of the distal phalanx. Erythematous streaking of the extremity and enlarged lymph nodes may be noted.
  4. Hippocratic nails (clubbing)
    • Cardiac dz
    • pulmonary dz
    • GI dz
  5. Koilonychia (spoon nail)- seen in long standing iron deficiency anemia or plummer-vinson syndrome
    seen in long standing iron deficiency anemia or plummer-vinson syndrome
  6. Lindsay's nail
    Distal half is pink or brown and is sharply demarcated from the proximal half which is dull and white and obliterates the lunula. Seen in liver Dz. and azotemia (uremia).
  7. Red lunula
    Right sided CHF
  8. Terry's nails
    Proximal 2/3 of nail plate is white, whereas the distal 1/3 shows the red color of the nail bed. Seen in hypoalbuminemia associated with hepatic cirrhosis.
  9. Yellow nail syndrome
    Usually associated with pulmonary disease and lymphedema.

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