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  1. por ahora
    for the time being
  2. pos casualidad
    by chance
  3. por cierto
    in fact
  4. por consiguiente
    therefore, consequently
  5. por desgracia
  6. por Dios
    for heaven's sake
  7. por ejemplo
    for example
  8. por el estilo
    something like that
  9. por eso
    for that reason
  10. por favor
  11. por fin
  12. por lo general
    in general
  13. por lo menos
    at least
  14. por lo pronto
    for the moment
  15. por lo que mas quiera
    for goodness sake
  16. por lo tanto
  17. por lo visto
  18. por otra parte
    on teh other hand
  19. por poco
  20. por si acaso
    just in case
  21. por suerte
    luckily, fortunately
  22. por supuesto
    of course
  23. por todas partes
  24. por una vez
    once and for all
  25. acertar a
    to manage to
  26. acostumbrarse a
    to get used to
  27. aprender a
    to learn to
  28. apresurarse a
    to hasten or rush to
  29. asomarse a
    to lean out to
  30. aspirar a
    to aspire to
  31. atreverse a
    to dare to
  32. ayudar a
    to help to
  33. comenzar a
    convidar a
  34. decidirse a
    to decide to
  35. dedicarse a
    to devote oneself to
  36. detenerse a
    to stop to
  37. dirigirse a
    to go to; to address, speak to
  38. disponerse a
    to be about or ready to
  39. echar(se) a
    to begin to
  40. ensenar a
    to teach to
  41. invitar a
    to invite to
  42. ir a
    to go to
  43. llegar a
    to get to (the extreme of)
  44. negarse a
    to refuse
  45. obligar a
    to force to
  46. ofrecerse a
    to offer or volunteer to
  47. oponerse a
    to oppose
  48. pararse a
    to stop to
  49. ponerse a
    to begin to
  50. prepararse a
    to get ready to
  51. principiar a
    to begin to
  52. resignarse a
    to resign oneself to
  53. salir a
    to go or come out to
  54. sentarse a
    to sit down to
  55. venir a
    to come to
  56. volver a
  57. acabar de
    to finish
  58. acabar de + inf.
    to have just...
  59. acordarse de
    to remember
  60. alegrarse de
    to be happy about
  61. arrepentirse de
    to repent
  62. burlarse de
    to laugh at
  63. cansarse de
    to get tired of
  64. cesar de
    to stop; to cease
  65. dejar de
    to stop; to cease
  66. depender de
    to depend on
  67. despedirse de
    to say good-bye to
  68. enamorarse de
    to fall in love with
  69. enterarse de
    to find out
  70. encargarse de
    to take charge of
  71. excusarse de
    to decline; excuse oneself
  72. lamentarse de
    to lament
  73. olvidarse de
    to forget
  74. quejarse de
    to complain about
  75. reirse de
    to laugh about
  76. salir de
    to get out of; leave from
  77. terminar de
    to finish
  78. tratar de
    to try to
  79. confiar en
    to trust
  80. consentir en
    to consent; agree to
  81. consistir en
    to consist of
  82. convenir en
    to agree to
  83. convertirse en
    to turn into
  84. creer en
    to believe
  85. empenarse en
    to be bent on
  86. entrar en
    to enter
  87. fijarse en
    to notice
  88. influir en
    to bear upon
  89. insistir en
    to insist on
  90. pensar en
    to think about
  91. persistir en
    to persist in
  92. quedar en
    to agree to
  93. tardar en
    to delay in
  94. acabar con
    to put an end to
  95. amenazar con
    to threaten with
  96. casarse con
    to get married to
  97. conformarse con
    to be satisfied with
  98. contar con
    to count on
  99. cumplir con
    to fulfill one's obligations
  100. dar con
    to find
  101. encontrarse con
    to meet, come across
  102. enojarse cone
    to get angry with
  103. quedarse con
    to keep
  104. sonar con
    to dream of
  105. tropezar con
    to bump into
  106. hacer alusion
    to allude
  107. hacer caso
    to obey
  108. hacerle caso
    to pay attention
  109. hacer cola
    to stand in line
  110. hacer dano
    to harm, make sick
  111. hacer el papel
    to play the role
  112. hacer escala
    to stop over
  113. hacer falta
    to be necessary
  114. hacer un favor
    to do a favor
  115. hacer frente a
    to face
  116. hacer gestos
    to gesture
  117. hacer la maleta
    to pack
  118. hacer pedazos
    to break or tear to pieces
  119. hacerse pedazos
    to break into pieces
  120. hacer saber
    to inform, make known
  121. hacer senas
    to signal
  122. hacer una pregunta
    to ask a question
  123. hacer una visita
    to pay a visit
  124. hacer un pedido
    to place an order
  125. hacer un viaje
    to take a trip
  126. hacerse
    to become
  127. hacerse dano
    to hurt oneself
  128. hacerse el sordo
    to play deaf
  129. hacerse el tonto
    to play dumb
  130. hacerse pasar por
    to pretend to be
  131. hacerse tarde
    to get late
  132. ademas de
  133. a escondidas
  134. a fin de cuentas
    all things considered
  135. a lo largo de
    along, throughout
  136. a menudo
  137. a la larga
    in the long run
  138. caer bien (mal)
    to like (dislike)
  139. dar en el clavo
    to hit the nail on the head
  140. de bueno (mala) gana
  141. de dientes afuera
  142. de repente
  143. dia a dia
    day by day
  144. en un abrir y cerrar de ojos
    in the blink of an eye
  145. hacer caso de
    to pay attention to
  146. llover a cantaros
    to rain cats and dogs
  147. mas vale
    it's better
  148. ni siquiera
    not even
  149. no faltaba mas
    that's the last straw
  150. no hay remedio
    it's hopeless
  151. pasarlo bien (mal)
    to have a good (bad) time
  152. paso a paso
    step by step
  153. poco a poco
    little by little
  154. ser plato de segunda mesa
    to play second fiddle
  155. sobre todo
    above all
  156. tarde o temprano
    sooner or later
  157. estar al tanto
    to be up-to-date
  158. estar a punto de
    to be about to
  159. estar conforme
    to be in agreement
  160. estar de luto
    to be in mourning
  161. estar de moda
    to be fashionable
  162. estar de paso
    to be passing by, on the way
  163. hablar entre dientes
    to mumble
  164. tener buen diente
    to have a big appetite
  165. tener en cuenta
    to take into account
  166. tomarle el pelo
    to kid, pull your leg
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