World Religions

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  1. What is the wheel of rebirth
  2. Where did Jainism originate?
    India at the Adinath Temple on Mt. Abu
  3. How many followers does Jainism?
    5,000,000 people
  4. What is the moral law of cause and effect
  5. what is the ultimate goal
    liberation from samsara
  6. What is the Jainist word for enlightenment
  7. What is the principle of nonviolence
    Ahimsa - it is a mind free of negative thoughts and words
  8. What is another word for self denial
  9. What is one practice of ascetism
    vegetarianism which avoids even seed bearing fruits
  10. Who is an example of Jainist Ascetic
    Mahavira who roamed naked for 12 years deprived of sleep and food before acquiring 11 disciples, voluntarily starving to death
  11. What is the name of the ruler in Jainism
  12. What do Jainists carry with them and why
    a whisk which is very important to clear one's path and seat
  13. What are the Five Great Vows for All?
    • 1) Do not injure other life forms
    • 2) do not lie
    • 3) do not steal
    • 4) do not have sex
    • 5) possess nothing

    Plus 7 more for laymen including avoidance of excessive travel, avoiding indulgence in clothing and food, avoid harmful behavior, observe Jain rituals, meditate, fast, donate time and money
  14. What is a tirthankara
    a spiritual conqueror who has attained salvation, 24 in present world cycle
  15. name some examples of spiritual conquerors in Jainism who have achieved salvation
    Parshva - 8th century BCE

    Mahavira - 599-527 BCE who roamed naked for 12 plus years, depriving self of sleep and food, before acquiring 11 disciples, volunatary starting to death
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