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  1. recurrent, powerful urges to expose genitals to unsuspecting strangers
  2. recurrent, powerful urges and arousing fantasies involving either inanimate objects or a particular body part
  3. recurrent, powerful sexual urges and fantasies involving cross-dressing
    transvestic fetishism
  4. acting on or being strongly distressed by recurrent, powerful sexual urges and fantasies about watching unsuspecting people undressing or engaging in sex
  5. recurrent, powerful sexual urges and fantasies involving rubbing against or touching aa nonconsenting person
  6. recurrent, powerful sexual urges and fantasies involving sexual activity with prepubescent children
  7. recurrent, powerful sexual urges and fantasies about sexual acts involving humiliation or suffering
    sexual masochism
  8. recurrent, powerful sexual urges and fantasies involving the humiliation or suffering of others
    sexual sadism
  9. sexual desire disorders (2)
    • hypoactive sexual desire disorder
    • sexual aversion disorder
  10. sexual arousal disorders (2)
    • female sexual arousal disorder
    • male erectile disorder
  11. orgasm disorders (3)
    • female orgasmic disorder
    • male orgasmic disorder
    • premature ejaculation
  12. sexual pain disorders (2)
    • dyspareunia
    • vaginismus
  13. one's psychological sense of being female or being male
    gender identity
  14. disorder in which an individual believes that her or his anatommic gender is inconsistent with her or his psychological sense of being female or male
    gender identity disorder
  15. types of sexual disorders in which a person eexperiences recurrent sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving nonhuman objects, inappropriate or nonconsenting situations producing humiliation or pain to oneself or one's partner
  16. a person seeks sexual gratification by being deprived of oxygen by means of using a noose, plastic bag, chemical, or pressure on the chest
  17. persistent difficulties with sexual interest, arousal, or response
    sexual dysfunctions
  18. persistent or recurrent lack of sexual interest or sexual fantasies
    hypoactive sexual desire disorder
  19. type of sexual dysfunction characterized by aversion to, and avoidance of, genital sexual contact
    sexual aversion disorder
  20. persistent or recurrent pain experienced during or following sexual intercourse
  21. recurrent or persistent contraction of the muscles surrounding the vaginal entrance, making penile entry while attempting intercourse difficult or impossible
  22. mutual pleasuring activities beetween partners that is focused on the partners taking turns giving and receiving physical pleasure
    sensate focus exercises
  23. main types of schizophrenic symptoms (3)
    • pychotic dimension
    • negative dimension
    • disorganized dimension
  24. psychotic dimension examples
    • hallucinations
    • delusions
  25. negative dimension examples
    • flat effect
    • poverty of speech and thought
  26. disorganized dimension examples
    • inappropriate affect
    • disordered thought and speech
  27. subtypes of schizophrenia (5)
    • paranoid type
    • disorganized type
    • catatonic type
    • undifferentiated type
    • residual type
  28. paranoid type
    • preoccupation with one or more delusions, or preoccupation with frequent auditory hallucinations
    • does not have disorganized or flat or inappropriate affect
  29. disorganized type
    confused behaviour, incoherent speech, hallucinations, disorganized delusions, inappropriate (silly) affect
  30. catatonic type
    markedly impaired motor behaviour, stupor, mannerisms, bizarre postures, waxy flexibility
  31. undifferentiated type
    fails to meet specifications for any of single one of the types, or has features of more than one of the types
  32. residual type
    no prominent psychotic features but still has features of a previous episode of schizophrenia
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