Alkyne reactions

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  1. What is hydrohalogenation reaction?
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    • H-Cl or H-Br in excess
    • Markovnikov applies
  2. What is free radical halogenation?
    • Free radical mechanism
    • HBr excess + R-O-O-R
    • Anti-markovnikov
  3. What is electrophilic addition of halogens?
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    • Some of the alkene may be cis (but mostly anti addition)
  4. What is an enol?
    Alkene with an alcohol
  5. What does a reaction with HgSO4, H2SO4, H2O look like?
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    • Markovnikov applies
    • Keto-enol tautomerism
  6. What is keto-enol tautomerism?
    isomers quickly convert via movement of a proton
  7. What is hydroboration-oxidation?
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    • Anti Markovnikov alkene
  8. What is hydrogenation?
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    • For cis-alkene:
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    • For trans-alkene:
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  9. What does oxydation in a warm, basic solution of potassium permanganate look like?
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  10. What does oxidation via ozonolysis look like?
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