ch 19 genetics terms

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  1. quantitative traits
    genetic traits of continuous variation that exhibit complex inheritance. The inheritance involves multipe genes and environmnetal factors
  2. variance
    • extent to which individuals vary from the mean
    • Vx = 1/n SUMMATION (Xi- X)2
  3. standard deviation
    square root of the variance; denoted by sigma
  4. Normal distribution
    predict the percentage of observations that will fall within a certain distance of the mean; 95.5% of observed value s will be within two standard deviations of the mean
  5. covariance
    genotypes are no distributed randomly across the environments; average product of the deviation of one variable from itw own mean times the deviation of the other variable from its mean
  6. broad sense heritability (H2)
    measure of the proportion of the observed phenotypic variation that is due to genetic differences in the population; ranges from 0 (all environmental, no genetic component) to 1 (all variation due to genetic variation)

    H2= Vg/Vx = Vg/Vg+Ve

  7. phenotypic variance
    Vx=Vg+Ve+2cov ge

    • Vx= phenotypic variance
    • Vg= genetic variance (variation due to genotype)
    • Ve= envirnomental variance (variation due to environment)
    • g= genetic effect
    • e= environmental effect
    • cov=covariance
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