drugs week 6

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  1. so bicarb class
    alkalinizing agent
  2. so bi p and a
    raises pH of blood plasma by buffering exess hydrogen ions, vascular bicarbonate to assist the buffer system in reducing the effcts of metabolic acidosis and in the treatment of some ODs
  3. so bi ind
    prolong crdiac arrest, known hyperkalemia, tca/barbiuate,refractory acidosis
  4. so bi cont
  5. so bi se
    extracellular alkalosis,cardiac arrhythmias,decrease cerebral and cardia functions
  6. so bi dose
    1 mEq/kg ivp or io (1/2 dose every 10 min)
  7. mag sulf class
    eloctrolyte, antiarrhythmic
  8. mag sulf p and a
    acts as physiologic calcium blocker, cns depressant and anti-convulsant neuromuscular transmission, depresses the function of smooth, skeletal and cardiac muscles
  9. mag sulf ind
    refractory v-fib, pulsless v tach, torsade de pointes, eclamptic seizure, ami
  10. mag sulf cont
    hypocalcemia, hypertension, heart block, mycardial damageshock
  11. mag sulf se
    aloc, hypotension, heart block, hypocalcemia
  12. mag sulf dose
    vfib/vtach 1-2g over 1-2min, torsades de pointes 1-2 g ivp followed by .5-1g/hr, eclampti seizure 2-4 ivp/im, ami 1-2g ivp over 5 -30 min
  13. pralidoxime class
    cholinesterase reactivator
  14. prax p and a
    reativates cholinesterase inhibited by phosphate esters by displacing the enzyme from its recpeter sites, this restores normal functions of the neuromuscular transmission
  15. prax ind
    an antidote and treatment for organphosphate poisoning
  16. pralx cont
    severe cardiac disease, peptic uler, asthma, mi, hypersensitivty to procainamide/procaine
  17. praxl se
    tc, hypertension, dizziness
  18. prax dose
    1-2g in 250-500ml of NS infusedd over 15-30 min, no iv 1-2 g im/sq
  19. verapamil class
    calcium channel blocker
  20. vera a and p
    slows av conducion and suppresses reentry dysrythmias, causes coronary artery dilation and reduces o2 demand on the heart
  21. vera ind
    SVT refractory to adenosine, afib/flutter
  22. vera cont
    hypotension,cardiogenic shok,heart block,chf, wpw syndrome
  23. vera se
    hypotension,heart block, chf,headache,dizziness
  24. vera dose
    2.5-5 mg slo ivp may repeat double dose (5-10mg slow ivp) every 15-30 as needed
  25. amiodarone class
  26. ami p and a
    prolongs duration of the action potential and refractory period,relaxes smooth musles, reducing peripheral vascular resistance and increases coronary blood flow
  27. ami ind
    treat life threatening ventricular and supraventricular dysrthmias freq a-fib
  28. ami cont
    hypersensitivity,cardiogenic shock,bc,av blocks,liver disease
  29. ami se
    hypotension,bc,cardiogenic shock,headache,dizziness,av block
  30. ami dose
    vf/pulseless vt 300mg ivp/io repeat 150 3-5 min, wide complex tach 15o ivp/io over 10 min, post resuscitation maintenace drip 1mg/min ivp over 20-60 min for 6 hours max dose 2g ivp/io over 24 hours
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