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  1. Appoinment (N)
    + his appointment as senior lecturer
    + We would like to announce the appointment of Julia Lewis as head of sales.
    + Our department expects to make five new appointments (= appoint five new people) this year alone.
    + cuộc hẹn
  2. To Book ( Arrange )
    + Will booked a seat on the evening flight to Edinburgh.
    + We were advised to book early if we wanted to get a room.
    + They booked a jazz band for their wedding.
    + sắp xếp, sắp đặt
  3. Diary ( N )
    + thoughts and feelings or what has happened on that day:
    + Don't forgot to write/enter the date of the meeting in your diary.
    + I've never kept (= written about what has happened to me in) a diary.
    + nhật ký
  4. Meeting ( N )
    + an occasion when people come together intentionally or unintentionally:
    + We're having a meeting on Thursday to discuss the problem.
    + I'm afraid she's in a meeting - I'll ask her to call you back later.
    + A chance (= unintentional) meeting with a publisher on an airplane had launched his career.
    + I liked him from our first meeting.
    họp mặt
  5. Office ( N )
    + a room or part of a building in which people work, especially sitting at tables with computers, telephones, etc., usually as a part of a business or other organization:
    + the director's office
    + office equipment
    + I didn't leave the office until eight o'clock last night
    Văn phòng
  6. Record ( V ) (STORE INFORMATION)
    + t
    o keep information for the future, by writing it down or storing it on a computer:
    + She records everything that happens to her in her diary.
    + Unemployment is likely to reach the highest total that has ever been recorded.
    Ghi lại
  7. Reserve ( V )
    + to keep something for a particular purpose or time:
    + I reserve Mondays for tidying my desk and answering letters.
    + These seats are reserved for the elderly and women with babies.
    duy trì, bảo tồn
  8. Alcohol (N)
    + a colourless liquid which can make you drunk, and which is also used as a solvent (= a substance that dissolves another) and in fuel and medicines:
    + Most wines contain between 10% and 15% alcohol.
    + I could smell the alcohol on his breath.
    + chất cồn, rượu
  9. Approximation ( N )
    + close to a particular number or time although not exactly that number or time:
    + The job will take approximately three weeks, and cost approximately £1000
    + Xấp xỉ
  10. Average ( mount ) ( N )
    + the result obtained by adding two or more amounts together and dividing the total by the number of amounts:
    + The average of the three numbers 7, 12 and 20 is 13, because the total of 7, 12 and 20 is 39, and 39 divided by 3 is 13.
    + Prices have risen by an average of 4% over the past year.
    + My income's rather variable, but I earn £73 a day on average.
    + trung bình
  11. Beat ( hit ) ( V )
    + They saw him beating his dog with a stick.
    + The child had been brutally/savagely beaten.
    + She was beaten to death.
    đánh đập
  12. Bike (N)
    + It would be better for the environment if more people used bikes rather than cars.
    + My youngest child is learning to ride a bike.
    xe đạp
  13. Billion ( N )
    Cosmetics is a billion dollar industry.
    + một tỷ
  14. Blink ( V )
    + When you blink, you close and then open your eyes quickly once or several times, and when an eye blinks, it does this:
    + You've got something in your eye - try blinking a few times.
    + nháy mắt
  15. Breath ( N )
    + the air that goes into and out of your lungs:Her breath smelled of garlic.
    + Without pausing to draw breath (= breathe) she told me everything.
    + hít thở
  16. Earthquake ( N )
    + a sudden violent movement of the Earth's surface, sometimes causing great damage:
    + In 1906 an earthquake destroyed much of San Francisco.
    + động đất
  17. Equator ( N )
    + an imaginary line drawn around the middle of the Earth an equal distance from the North Pole and the South Pole:
    + Singapore is/lies on the Equator..
    + xích đạo
  18. Increase ( V )
    + to (make something) become larger in amount or size:
    + Incidents of armed robbery have increased over the last few years.
    +The cost of the project has increased dramatically/significantly since it began.Gradually increase the temperature to boiling point.
    + Increased/Increasing efforts are being made to end the dispute.
    tăng lên
  19. Land ( V )
    + We should land in Madrid at 7am.
    + You can land a plane on water in an emergency.
    Hạ cánh
  20. League ( N )
    + Who do you think will win the league championship this year?
    + Liverpool were top of the Football League that year.
    + They are currently bottom of the league..
    liên đoàn
  21. Lifetime
    cả cuộc đời
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