Sildes painting of Baroque and Neo Classic School

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  1. "The Disembarkation of Maria de medici at Marsailles" By Peter P. Rubens
    • Emphasis- Maria is the Focal Point of the compostion, shes in the center. Arrival to Be Queen
    • Movement/school-Rubenist/ Romatic/Baroque
    • Formula- Time, Space, motion, Dramatic ligthing, theatrical emotion
    • Story-Angels trumpets of her arriveal, ship fires its cannon, sea creaature blows a conch shell. And france welcomes Maria on the red carpet
    • She stands above the 3 graces as mermaids arrive to be Queen.
  2. "Raft of Medusa" By Gericault
    • Emphasis- the ship that saves them
    • Movement/school-Baroque
    • formula vibrant colors, aggressive brushstorks, orgainc order
    • Story- depicts an actual sea tragedy
    • The french ship left from N. Africa port fro France, they cross the mediteran sea but the ship went down due to a strom.
    • The Freanch gov. did not log the departure of the Medusa, when the ship went down. no one knew they needed help
    • After 3 weeks they were saved, Gericault depicts the movement in time where the suriors sight of another ship sails
  3. "Death of Sarandaplos" By De la Croix
    • Emphasis- He is the main emphasis of the compostion, since he is clam and relaxed while chaos dominates.
    • Movement/school-Baroque/ Rubenits
    • Formula-Exotic and erotic theme, Romantic
    • Story- He would not allow for his enemy to have victory, so he orders his graud to bring all his treasured items: women, horse, gold and jewels. orders them to be killed and burn inculding himself.
  4. "Rape of the Sabines" by Nicholas Poussin
    • Emphasis- The Guy in the red is the focal point
    • Movement/school- Poussitists
    • Formula- Followed the Classic traditons of greek and Roman art, used subjects which inspired Morality. drawing everything before painting
    • Story-Sabines were ppl that lived by Roman, the Romans needed men for their army. They go into town and take the woman form the Sabins so that they could rape them to have more kids.
  5. "Oath of the Horatii" by David
    • Emphasis- The swords, the vanishing ponit ends at the hands
    • Movement/school- Poussitists/Neo classic
    • Formula- Greek and Roman classic traditions, very nude tones of color, drawing everything before painting it. Geometic order= Clam and Stabitiy
    • Story-In a battle between tow city states, the Horatii chose 3 worriors to battle and 3 Curatii warriors to death instead of sending a whole army to war
    • Their fathers hold their swords high as they take the oath to returen victorious. The women are emotionally distraught, but dont object to their deadly oath.
    • Each group is indivdually framed by Roman arches and Doric columns
    • Super Patriotic Moral
    • Their sister is engaged to one of the other worries.
  6. "The Grand Odalisque" By Ingres
    • Emphasis- Is her face because shes looking right at you.
    • Movement/school- Neo-classic, Poussitists
    • Formula- Greek and Roman Exotic theme is present satin and silk, peacock fan, foreign head dress, incense burner and opium are included.
    • Story- She's a sex slave, she white because the men that payed money to have sex with her did not want her to look like thier wife/sister ect.
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