AH 393 Final 2

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    Thomas Hirschhorn, "Bataille Monument", 2002, Documenta 11
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    Santiago Sierra, "Workers who cannot be paid, renumerated to remain in Cardboard Boxes", 2000
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    Ai Weiwei, "World Map", 2006
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    Allan Secula, "Seventy in Seven...", 1993

    Part of the "Fish Story" Series, 1995
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    Zoe Leonard, "Analogue" Series, 1998-2009
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    Komar and Melamid, "The Origin of Socialist Realism", 1982-83
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    Nedko Solakov, "Top Secret" 1989-1990
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    Oleg Kulik, "I Love Europe, but Europe Doesn't Love Me Back", 1996
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    Luo Zhongli, "Father", 1980
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    Xu Bing, "Book from the Sky", 1987-1991
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    Yue Minjun, "Execution", 1995
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    Yinka Shonibare, MBE, "Victorian Philanthropist's Parlour", 1996-97
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    "Adeagbo, "African Socialism", 2001
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    Meschac Gaba, "The Museum of African Art", 1997
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    Lotty Rosenfeld, "A Mile of Crosses on the Pavement", 1984
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    Vik Muniz, "Aftermath", 1998
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    Doris Salcedo, "Atrabiliarios", 1993
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    Subdoh Gupta, "Line of Control", 2008
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    Rirkrit Tiravanija and Kamin Lertchaiprasert, "The Land", 1998-present
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    Michael Parekowhai, "Kiss the Baby Goodbye", 1994
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