Hazardous Materials Incidents

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  1. A function designated by the Incident Commander to control access to the Hot Zone
    Access Officer
  2. The control zone at a hazardous materials incident site that contains the Command Post and other support functions that are deemed necessary to control the incident
    Cold Zone
  3. A stationary position designated by th IC where coordination and control of manpower and equipment takes place
    Command Post
  4. A function designated by the IC for the containment of spills and runoff beyond the incident to prevent further environmental damage
  5. ______are those persons who, in the course of their normal duties, may be the first on the scene of an emergency involving hazardous materials. They are expected to recognize hazardous materials presence, protect themselves, call for trained personnel, and secure the area
    First Responder Awareness
  6. ______ respond to releases or potential releases of hazardous materials as part of the initial response to the incident for the purpose of protecting nearby persons, the environment, or property from the effects of the release. They shall be trained to respond in a defensive fashion to control the release from a safe distance and keep it from spreading.
    First Responder Operational
  7. A function designated by the Incident Commander that deals with the mitigation of a hazardous materials incident.
  8. Termination is divided into 3 phases:
    • debriefing the incident
    • post-incident analysis
    • critiquing the incident
  9. The control zone at a hazardous materials incident site where personnel and equipment decontamination and Hot Zone support takes place. It includes control points for the access corridor and is generally limited to response personnel.
    Warm Zone
  10. Until the chemical is identified and/or its hazards known, action at a hazardous materials incident shall be strictly limited to those of a defensive nature. What is meant by this?
    • notification
    • isolation
    • defensive containment
    • gathering of information
  11. All personnel assigned to an emergency response shall be trained to what level of competency?
    under NFPA 472 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120
  12. what is the page # for HMRT coordinators?
    Pager #549
  13. What direction should First Responders approach a Hazardous Materials incident?
    from an upwind/uphill direction
  14. Upon arrival at a hazardous materials incident, what is the first thing the first arriving members should do?
    assume command
  15. If hazardous materials are involved at the incident, the Responder will, in a safe manner, attempt to identify:
    • The name and type of material involved (solid, liquid, gas)
    • The type of container involved
    • The quantity of the material involved
    • The extent of contamination
    • The immediate exposure problem
    • The threat to life safety
  16. Activate the Emergency Alert System through the assistance of the OEC and EOC if the area is too large to rapidly warn the population by conventional methods. Furnish the following information:
    • Location of the incident
    • Type of incident (spill, release, explosion, etc)
    • Name of chemical
    • Perimeter of threatened area
    • Recommended action
  17. Assign officers to the following responsibilities if the magnitude of the incident warrants:
    • Access
    • Containment
    • Decon
    • Medical
    • Hazard
    • Rescue
  18. Who is responsible to identify and designate the boundaries of the Hot Zone and Warm Zone?
  19. The Access Officer is responsible for control of personnel entering and leaving the Hot Zone and will:
    • Clear the area of unauthorized personnel
    • Barricade or mark the area when practical
    • Limit entry into the Hot Zone to personnel who are in the appropriate level of PPE and who have assigned duties
    • Initiate a personnel accountability system to record all personnel entering and leaving the Hot Zone
    • Direct all personnel exiting the Hot Zone to leave through the Decon when one is established
    • Maintain the integrity of the Hot Zone until the conclusion of HFD operations
  20. The office assigned to Containment is responsible for the containment of spills and runoff beyond the immediate area of the incident and will:
    • Ensure that the personnel assigned to this function are adequately protected against the hazards they may face
    • Determine the points where containment may be necessary and take appropriate measures to contain the spill or runoff
    • Determine and request through IC, the necessary supplies and equipment needed to complete containment measures
  21. The officer assigned to Decon is responsible for the proper decontamination of personnel and equipment leaving the Hot zone and will:
    • Determine the level of decon needed
    • Obtain necessary decon supplies and equipment from HMRT
    • Establish decon adjacent to the Hot Zone at a point where conditions are favorable for entry and exit
    • Determine appropriate level of protection for the Decon workers
    • Determine when personnel, victims and equipment have been decontaminated to an acceptable level
    • Determine if protective clothing and equipment should be impounded or can be removed from the sector
    • Ensure proper packaging for contaminated clothing prior to removal from the sector
    • Terminate and debrief decon personnel when decon is no longer necessary
  22. Establish Medical in a safe location within the _________ Zone.
  23. The Medical sector consist of:
    • triage
    • treatment
    • transportation
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