TEC 150 ISU Final Review

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  1. What are three types of Software?
    • Image Editing
    • Page Layout
    • Illustration
  2. What is a Serrif Font?
    Variable Strokes
  3. What type of font is used for body type?
  4. Describe a san-serif font
    Uniform stroke
  5. How large should display point be?
    14 or larger
  6. What size should Body type be?
    12 point or lower
  7. What is the baseline?
    The line that text lies on
  8. What is leading?
    the space between lines of text
  9. What is a point
    The height of text
  10. what is the x height of text
    the height of text minus tails
  11. How many points in an inch?
    72 points
  12. What is kerning?
    Spacing between letters
  13. What has a larger file size, a bitmap or a vector?
  14. Describe a vector image
    Contains points, lines, curves and mathmatical formulas
  15. Who developed papyrus?
    the Egyptions
  16. Who developed the alphabet?
    the phonecians
  17. Who developed movable type?
  18. Who developed the letterpress?
  19. What is another word for the letterpress?
    printing press
  20. What was the first press?
    Modified wine press
  21. Who was the inventor of lithography?
  22. Is the letterpress right reading or wrong reading?
    wrong reading
  23. Who invented photography?
    William Talbot
  24. What are three ways to generate a pixel image?
    • scan
    • take a picture
    • image editing software
  25. How many colors are in a 1 bit image?
    • 2 colors
    • black and white
  26. How many colors are in an 8 bit image
    • 256 colors
    • photoshop grayscale
  27. What is a 24 bit image?
  28. When do you use CMYK colors
  29. What are three aspects of a digital image?
    • Diminsion
    • Resolution
    • Bit Depth
  30. How many ppi and lpi for print quality?
    • 300ppi
    • 150lpi
  31. What does lpi stand for?
    lines per inch
  32. What is lpi
    lines of half tone dots
  33. What is a monitor resolution
    • 72 for a mac
    • 96 for a pc
  34. What type of file format is used for print format
  35. What does tiff stand for
    Tagged image file format
  36. Is a tiff file lossless or lossey
  37. When do you use an eps
  38. what does eps stand for
    encapsulated postal script
  39. describe the speed of screen printing
    slowest production speeds
  40. describe screen printing
    • slow
    • low resolution
    • think ink film
    • think pastey ink
  41. What are two types of imulsion?
    direct and indirect
  42. What do you use plastisol on?
  43. Name two types of image sensors
    • CCD
    • CMOS
  44. What is the purpose of an image sensor
    converts image to electronic signal
  45. How are camera and scanner images saved?
  46. What type of zoom do you use on a camera?
    Optical zoom and not digital zoom
  47. How does a lithographic plate work?
    Image area repels water, non-image area repels ink
  48. What is a lithographic plate also known as?
    offset plate
  49. describe the surface of a lithographic plate
  50. What is the five step process of offset printing?
    • Infeed
    • Delivery
    • Inking
    • Dampening
    • Printing
  51. Top to Bottom list the three cylinders in the printing system
    • plate
    • blanket
    • impression
  52. What can a perfecting press do?
    BOPI had one
    Print both front and back
  53. True or false
    Line art contains dots
    • false
    • it is contained of lines and fills
  54. What is a continuous tone image?
    chemically produced photography
  55. what is morei?
    Pattern seen in printing and in nature
  56. What does RIP stand for?
    Raster Image Processor
  57. What is the purpose of a RIP?
    Reads Post Script Language
  58. What does IRS stand for?
    Interpret Rasterize Screen
  59. What is IRS
    the way RIP is read
  60. What is an imposistion?
    Laying out multiple prints on one page
  61. what is the purpose of a trap
    Overlap the white for cutting errors
  62. What does an image setter do?
    Produces film
  63. What is CTP
    Computer to Plates
  64. What type of cutter do we use?
    Guillitene Cutter
  65. Where do you make the first cut?
    Opposite of the gripper and side guide because it is the truest corner
  66. What is the most common folder in the industry?
    Buckle Plate Folder
  67. What are the two types of folds
    inline and right angle
  68. What are two types of binding
    gathered and stacked
  69. What type of binding is saddle stitching
  70. What are four types of binding?
    • Saddle Stitching
    • Adhesive
    • Case
    • Coil
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