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  1. Pre-negotiation "Good Faith Agreements"
    Agree to disclose all material information, abstain from using delay tactics, abstain from imposing hardships, and not withhold critical information
  2. Distrust -- Calculus based
    the other consistently fails to do as he or she says
  3. Distrust -- Identification
    there is a complete lack of empathy and idetification with the other parties desires and intentions
  4. Interest based persuasion
    Takes place every time someone frames a sales pitch in terms of the other parties self-interest
  5. Authority
    used when someone gives an order to someone lower down in a hierarchy
  6. Rationality
    defined as trying to influence someones attitudes, beliefs, or actions by offering reasons and/or evidence to justify a proposal on its merits
  7. Visionary Persuasion
    attempts to evoke emotions such as hope, desire, or team spirit, to motivate you to adopt an attitude
  8. Relationship/Liking
    we prefer to say yes to people we like, a negative relationship distorts almost everything an idea seller says
  9. Self serving role bias
    people tend to unconsciously to interpret information pertaining to their own side in a strongly self serving way
  10. Partisan Perceptions
    we are worse at assessing the other side and we enhance our side and downplay the other sides interests, issues, positions
  11. What is the Goal of Negotiation
    To reach a good agreement
  12. Endowment Effect
    the buyer must be willing to pay at least the minimum amount the seller is willing to accept for a trade to take place
  13. Trip Wire
    A temporary resistance point set slightly ahead of your actual resistance point
  14. Taking a second bite from the apple
    after returning from a break, request one more concession to seal the deal.
  15. Forbearance
    "waiting in haste"
  16. Fait accompli "taking a chance"
    involves offering or declining something in the hopes the other side will react desirably
  17. Feinting
    diverts the other sides attention toward some other issue or matter, this can be used to create a false impression
  18. Blanket
    Hits the other party with as many issues as possible believing that some will stick and be resolved
  19. Salami Technique
    taking one slice at a time by negotiating the overall contract, project, ect. first and the details separately
  20. ZOPA
    Zone of possible acceptance
  21. Creating Value
    requires cooperation to elicit information and to use that information to create mutually beneficial options
  22. Fixed prices begin in?
  23. Exaggeration
    vicious cycles grow out of the widespread human tendency to take an exaggerated view of others percieved hostility or unreasonable behavior
  24. Naive Realism
    most people tend to assume that their world reflects reality
  25. Confirmatory Bias
    tendency to seek out information that verifies our preexisting beliefs and to ignore or find flaws with disconfirming information
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