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  1. revelations
    relieves themselves of their sins and curses
  2. echo and narcissus
    narcuiss was vain and caused echo, the girl he was falling in love with, to repeat everything that was said to her. he soon realized that he caused pain to many women and died.
  3. vulcan and hera
    vulcan was cast away from heaven when his mother hera found that he was ugly. they say he is the reasons that volcanoes errupt
  4. icarus and daedalus
    trapped in a mase. build wings. fly away. icarus flew too high and the glue from his wings fell apart and he drowned.
  5. romulus and remus
    founders of rome. romulous built a wall. remus made fun of the wall. romulus killed remus for making fun of it.
  6. tantalus and Sisyphus
    • sisyphus; boulder up a mountain that falls back down on him everytime he gets it to the top
    • tantalus;sits in a pool of water and everytime he goes to drink it it sink so he couldnt reach it. grapes same thing
  7. T.H. White
    wrote once and future king
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