Quizzing: Genesis

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  1. Gen 2:4 What does this verse say about the creation story in the Bible that helps us know it is true?
    that the Bible gives and account of what happened
  2. Gen 2:5-6 Since it did not rain after God created the earth, how did the plants get watered?
    a mist cam up from the ground and watered the plants
  3. Gen 2:7 God spoke most of creation into existence. But God made man from what?
    the dust of the ground
  4. Gen 2:7 How did man become alive?
    God breathed into him the breath of life
  5. Gen 2:8 What was the name of the beautiful place where God put Adam and Eve?
    the garden of Eden
  6. Gen 2:9 What were the 2 special trees God placed in the Garden?
    the tree of life, and teh gree of the knowledge of good and evil.
  7. Gen 2:10-14 - God made a river in the Garden that went out and divided into how many rivers?
  8. Gen 2:15 - What did God want Adam to do in the Garden?
    take care of it
  9. Gen 2:15-17 - Which special tree was Adam commanded not to eat from?
    the tree of theknowledge of good and evil
  10. Gen 2:17 - Adam and Eve were created to live forever. But what did God say would happento Adam and Eve if they ate from this special tree?
    they would die
  11. Gen 2:18 - Why did God create a woman?
    so man would not be alone
  12. Gen 2:19-20 - Who named the animals?
  13. Gen 2:21-23 - What did God take from Adam to create Eve?
    a rib
  14. Gen 3:1 - what animal spoke to Eve?
    the snake
  15. Gen 3:2-3 - what did Eve add to God’s instructions?
    that they were not to touch the tree
  16. Gen 3:4-5 - What lie did Satan tell Eve?
    that they would not die but would be like God
  17. Gen. 3:6-7 - After Eve and Adam ate the forbidden fruit, what did they make for themselves?
    clothes out of fig leaves
  18. Gen 3:8-10 - When God came to meet with Adam and Eve in the Garden after they sinned,what did they do?
    hid from Him
  19. Gen 3:11-12 - What did Adam do when God asked him if he had eaten the forbidden fruit?
    he blamed Eve for giving him the fruit
  20. Gen 4:13 - What did Eve do when God asked her if she had eaten the forbidden fruit?
    she blamed the Serpent for giving it to her
  21. Gen 4:14-15 - What 2-part curse did God speak to the Serpent?
    1-that he would crawl onthe ground, and 2-that Eve’s descendant would crush his head [spiritually--meaning Jesus]
  22. Gen 4:16 - What was the 2-part curse on Eve?
    • 1-that she would have painful childbirth, and
    • 2-that she would serve her husband
  23. Gen 4:17-19 - what was the 2-part curse God gave to Adam?
    • 1-that he would have to workhard
    • 2-he would die
  24. Gen 4:20-21 - Death is the result of sin. The first death in the world occurred when Godmade clothes for Adam and Eve out of what?
    animal skins
  25. Gen 4:22-24 - God drove Adam and Eve away from the Garden of Eden so that they wouldnot eat from what?
    the tree of life
  26. Gen 2:1-2 says since God had finished all his work of creation, He rested on what day?
  27. Gen 2:3 - What 2 things did God do for His creation on the 7th day?
    blessed it and made it holy
  28. Gen 4:1 - Who was the first son of Adam and Eve?
  29. Gen 4:2 - Who was Adam’s second son?
  30. Gen 4:2 - Cain was a farmer and worked in the soil. Abel was what?
    a shepherd
  31. Gen 4:3 - What did Cain bring as a offering to the Lord?
    food he has grown in the soil
  32. Gen 4:4 - What did Abel bring as a offering to the Lord?
    a lamb
  33. Gen 4:4-5 - Which man’s offering did God accept?
  34. Gen 4:5 - Because Cain brought what he wanted to bring, not what God wanted Him to bring,what did Cain do when God did not accept his offering?
    he got mad
  35. Gen 4:6 - What did God tell Cain was the way to be accepted.
    Do what is right
  36. Gen 4:6 - What did God warn Cain was crouching at his door and about to overtake him?
  37. Gen 4:7 - What did Cain do because he was mad?
    killed his brother
  38. Gen 4:9 - What was Cain’s response to God when he asked him where his brother was?
    Idon’t know. Am I my brother’s keeper?
  39. Gen 4:10 - Cain thought he had gotten away with murder, but God said something wascrying to Him from the ground?
    his brother’s blood
  40. Gen 4:11-12 - God cursed Cain and told him he would not be able to grow anything in theground and he would become what?
    a wanderer
  41. Gen 4:13-14 - Rather than being worried about being separated from God, what was Cain’sbiggest concern?
    That someone would kill him
  42. Gen 4:15 - Why did God placed a mark on Cain?
    so no one would kill him
  43. Gen 4:16 - Cain left God’s presence and lived where?
    in the land of Nod
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