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  1. Draft view
    Shows a simplified work area, removing white space and other elements from view.
  2. Footer
    Information that displays at the bottom of each document page, presentation slide, handout, or notes page.
  3. Full Screen Reading view
    A viewing format that eliminates tabs and makes it easier to read a document.
  4. Hard page break
    Forces the next part of a document to begin on a new page.
  5. Hard return
    Created when you press Enter to move the insertion point to a new line.
  6. Header
    Information that displays at the top of each document page, presentation slide, handout, or notes page.
  7. Outline view
    Displays varying amount of detail; a structural view of the document or presentation that can be collapsed or expanded as necessary.
  8. Print Layout view
    The default view that closely resembles the printed document.
  9. Section break
    A marker that divides a document into sections, thereby allowing different formatting in each section.
  10. Show/Hide feature
    Reveals where formatting marks, such as spaces, tabs, and returns, are used in the document.
  11. Soft page break
    Inserted when text fills an entire page and continues onto the next page.
  12. Soft return
    Created by the word processor as it wraps text to a new line.
  13. Toggle
    Commands such as bold and italic that enable you to switch from one setting to another.
  14. Watermark
    Text or graphic that displays behind text.
  15. Web Layout view
    View to display how a document will look when posted on the Web.
  16. Word processing software
    A computer application, such as Microsoft Word, used primarily with text to create, edit, and format documents.
  17. Word wrap
    The feature that automatically moves words to the next line if they do not fit on the current line.
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