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  1. What structures are innervated by fibers travelling through the dorsal ramus?
    information from the skin and skeletal muscles of the back
  2. What structures are innervated by fibers travelling through the ventral ramus?
    information from the ventrolateral body surface
  3. Which ramus contains myelinated neurons, white or gray?
  4. List four activities controlled by the general reflex center of the medulla oblongata.
    • sneezing
    • coughing
    • vomiting
    • swallowing
  5. The superior colliculi provides reflex response to:
    visual stimuli
  6. The inferior colliculi provides reflex response to:
    auditory stimuli
  7. Which part of the epithalamus is involved with emotional response to odors?
    habenular nuclei
  8. What hormone is secreted by the pineal gland?
  9. The hypothalamic nuclei is your satiety center.
    ventromedial nucleus
  10. This hypothalamic nuclei regulates thirst and temperature.
  11. This hypothalamic nuclei regulates appetite and releases hormones that control the pituitary gland.
  12. Daily circadian patterns are regulated by which hypothalamic nucleus?
  13. Your limbic system is your:
    • emotional brain
    • motivation center
  14. Which association are lets you differentiate between smells?
    orbitofrontal cortex
  15. Which association are receives information from all other association areas?
    common integrative area
  16. Which part of your brain determines personality?
    prefrontal cortex
  17. Which area of the brain plays a role in learned movement pattern storage?
    premotor area
  18. Scanning movements of the eyes are handled by the:
    frontal eye field area
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