December 12th

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  1. was
    I was happy to be at school today!
  2. her
    Look at her beautiful dress!
  3. little
    You have a little brother now!
  4. good
    You are a good girl.
  5. try
    Try to be good for Santa.
  6. fly
    Santa will fly to your house.
  7. our
    This is our time together.
  8. give
    If you are good, Santa will give you a present.
  9. black
    Your cat is black.
  10. white
    Look at the white snow falling.
  11. ten
    You have ten fingers.
  12. does
    Does your brother have hair?
  13. bring
    Santa will bring you a present.
  14. goes
    Santa goes down the chimney.
  15. write
    You can write by yourself.
  16. always
    Always try your best.
  17. drink
    Drink all your milk.
  18. once
    Once upon a time, Deseria got glasses!
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