Biblical Literture Final 2

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  1. How did Zimri die?
    he killed himself by setting his palace on fire
  2. What was the second longest dynasty of the Northern Kingdom?
    the Dynasty of Omri
  3. Who was teh most influential of Israel's early kings?
  4. How was Omri's son?
  5. Who did Ahab marry?
    Jezebel from Phoenicia
  6. Who were the kings in the dynasty of Omri?
    • Omri
    • Ahab
  7. When was Yahweh worship officially replaced by Baal worship in the Northern Kingdom?
    during the reign of Ahab
  8. What is the primary goal of the OT?
    to bring the covenant nation back to allegiance
  9. What are some secondary goals of the prophets
    • to announce coming judgement and future restoration
    • to produce repentance and restoration
    • to prove God' sovereignty by predicting future events
  10. What are the 2 tests of a true prophet?
    • did he lead the people to false gods?
    • did what he say come true?
  11. what are near and far prophecies?
    the prophecy foretells both near future and far future events
  12. what is telescoping events?
    lumping seperate far prophecies together
  13. Which two prophets showed God's covereignty in action and his unrelenting compassion
    Elijah and Elisha
  14. Who represents the whole prophets?
  15. prophet to the Northen Kingdom during the reign of Jeoboam II?
    • Jonah
    • Hosea
  16. What is the setting for the book of Jonah?
    Assyria is gaining in strength
  17. What book showed a living message of God's love, a picture of Israel's adultery and God's love?
  18. Who dies of an injury from a fall and was rebuked by Elijah for his worship of Baal?
  19. What king is killed by Jehu while he is recovering from a battle wound?
  20. What king dies in a failed battle campaing to take Ramoth Gilead?
  21. Who is Ahab killed by?
  22. Who did Ahab dress up like in the battle at Ramoth Gilead?
  23. Who prophecied that Ahab would die in battle?
  24. Who appointed Jehu?
    Elisha's student
  25. Who does Jehu kill?
    • Jehoram (Joram) and Jezebel
    • and the whole royal family
    • and the priests of Baal
  26. Who did God promise 5 generations of reign?
  27. Who were the kings of the Dynasty of Jehu?
    • Jehu
    • Jehoahaz
    • Jehoash
    • Jeroboam II
    • Zechariah
  28. What is the description of Jehoaz and Jehoash?
    they were both evil kings
  29. Whose reign was the most prosperous of The Northern Kingdom's history?
    Jeroboam II
  30. What did Hosea and Amos both appeal for during the reign of Jeroboam II?
    a return to the Torah
  31. Who was Zechariah assassinated by?
  32. How long did Shallum reign?
    1 month
  33. Who was Shallum killed by?
    pro-Assyrian named Menahem
  34. Who was Menahem's son?
  35. Who was Pekahiah killed by?
    an anti-assyrian, Pekah
  36. Who was the Assyrian king who laid waste to both kingdoms?
    Tiglath-Pileser III
  37. Who was made a client king and was also the last king of the Northern Kingdom?
  38. Who was appointed as a puppet king by the Assyrians?
  39. When did the Northern kingdom fall?
    722 BC
  40. Who was the first king of the Southern Kingdom?
  41. How long did Rehoboam reign?
    17 years
  42. Who was Rehoboam defeated by?
    Shishak of Egypt
  43. Who reigned after Rehoboam?
  44. Who long did Abijah reign for?
    3 years
  45. What important thing did Abijah do that involved the Northern Kingdom?
    • won a major battle against Jeroboam
    • captured Bethel
  46. Who reigned after Abijah?
  47. How long did Asa reign for?
    41 years
  48. What Southern king undertook great reform and made a treat with Ben-Hadad against Baasha?
  49. Who didn't seek God when he got sick?
  50. How long did Jehoshaphat reign for?
    25 years
  51. during what reign did the Northern and Southern kingdom have the best relationship?
    during the reign of Jehoshaphat
  52. What king set his son up with the Northern Kingdom's king's daughter?
  53. What Southern Kingdom's king married Athaliah?
  54. How long did Jehorm reign?
    8 years
  55. Who did Jehoram marry?
  56. What awful thing did Jehoram do?
    killed his brothers and other princes
  57. How did Jehoram die?
    his bowls came out
  58. Who was Jehoram's son?
  59. How long did Ahaziah live?
    1 year
  60. How did Ahaziah die?
    he was killed by Jehu
  61. Who starts to reign after Ahaziah is killed?
    His mother Athaliah
  62. What awful thing did Athaliah do?
    she killed the whole royal family except Joash who got away
  63. How was Joash saved?
    the priest Jehoiada saved him
  64. When did Joash become king?
    when he was 6
  65. How long did Joash reign?
    40 years
  66. When does Joash fall away?
    when the priest Jehioda died
  67. Who was Joash killed by?
    his officials
  68. Who reigned after Joash?
  69. How long did Amaziah reign for?
    29 years
  70. Who was Amaziah defeated by?
  71. What is the name for a king who starts out well but then turns to idolatry?
  72. Who coreigned with Amaziah then his son Jotham?
  73. Altogether how long did Uzziah reign?
    52 years
  74. Who died of leprosy because they intruded into the priest's office?
  75. who coreigned with Uzziah and his son Ahaz?
  76. How long did Jotham reign?
    21 years
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