Intro to excel

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  1. Active cell
    The current cell in a worksheet. It is indicated by a dark border onscreen.
  2. Auto Fill
    A feature that enables you to copy the contents of a cell or a range of cells or to continue a sequence by dragging the fill handle over an adjacent cell or range of cells.
  3. Border
    A line that surrounds a paragraph, a page, a table, or an image in a document, or that surrounds a cell or range of cells in a worksheet.
  4. Cell
    The intersection of a column or row in a worksheet or table.
  5. Cell address
    The unique identifier of a cell, starting with the column letter and then the row number, such as A9.
  6. Column width
    The horizontal measurement of a column in a table or a worksheet. In Excel, it is measured by the number of characters or pixels.
  7. Fill color
    The background color that appears behind data in a cell.
  8. Fill handle
    A small black square at the bottom-right corner of a cell used to copy cell contents or text or number patterns to adjacent cells.
  9. Formula
    A combination of cell references, operators, values, and/or functions used to perform a calculation.
  10. Formula Bar
    An element in Excel that appears below the Ribbon and to the right of the Insert command that shows the contents of the active cell so that you edit the text, value, date, formula, or function.
  11. Horizontal alignment
    The placement of data or text between the left and right margins in a document, or cell margins in a spreadsheet.
  12. Input area
    A range of cells to enter values for variables or assumptions that will be used in formulas within a workbook.
  13. Name Box
    An element in Excel that identifies the address or range name of the active cell in a worksheet.
  14. Nonadjacent range
    A collection of multiple ranges that are not positioned in a contiguous cluster in an Excel worksheet.
  15. Order of precedence
    A rule that controls the sequence in which arithmetic operations are performed.
  16. Output area
    A range of cells that contains the results of manipulating values in an input area.
  17. Range
    A group of adjacent or contiguous cells in an Excel worksheet.
  18. Row height
    The vertical measurement of a row in a table or a worksheet.
  19. Sheet tab
    A visual item in Excel that looks like a folder tab that displays the name of a worksheet, such as sheet 1 or june sales
  20. Spreadsheet
    An electronic file that contains a grid of columns and rows to organize related data and to display results of calculations.
  21. Spreadsheet program
    A computer application, such as Microsoft Excel, that people use to create and modify spreadsheets.
  22. Text
    One or more letters, numbers, symbols, and/or spaces often used as a label in a worksheet.
  23. Value
    A number that represents a quantity or an amount.
  24. Vertical alignment
    The position of data between the top and bottom cell margins.
  25. Workbook
    A collection of one or more related worksheets contained within a single file.
  26. Worksheet
    A single spreadsheet that typically contains labels, values, formulas, functions, and graphical representations of data.
  27. Wrap text
    A formatting option that enables a label to appear on multiple lines within the current cell.
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