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  1. Shape of traditional liturgical church
    Cross Shaped
  2. Any Western Christian who is not an adherent to Roman Catholic faith
  3. Stated directions regarding church practices and procedures as approved by church
  4. Main body of church where seating is provided
  5. Any form or order of worshup having Scriptures as central element with actual order of worship determined by local congregation and clergy
  6. Where gospel and epistle lecterns are located in liturgical church
    • Gospel - Left side from nave
    • Epistle - Right side from nave

    (GE, general electric)
  7. Another name for "wings of the church"
  8. Classic examples of liturgical protestant churches in the U.S.
    Episcopal (Anglican) and Lutheran
  9. Body of people set apart and consecrated by due ordination as distinct from laity
  10. Shepherd; minister of gospel having spiritual care over number of people
  11. Clergyman of Protestant Episcopal Church, elected by vestryman who lives in the parish house____. Clergyman of Episcopal Church in charge of mission church____.
    • Rector
    • Vicar
  12. Act of partaking of sacrament of scrament of Eucharist; celebration of Lord's Supper
  13. Oration praising an individual, usually after death
  14. Outer mantle of dignity; symbolic cloth placed over casket
  15. Act of asking for favor with earnestness; petition, supplication, solemn petition for benefits addressed to supreme being
  16. Different branches of Lutheran Church
  17. Archbishop in Roman Catholic faith is head of ____
  18. Bishop in Catholic faith, heads a/an
  19. Dignity conferred upon Bishops or Priests making them "princes" of church
  20. Cross
    Religious emblem consisting of two plain bars which intersect at right angles to each other
  21. Christian Burial Permit
    (Disposition Permit) - Legal document, issued by governmental agency, authorizing transportation and/or disposition of dead human body
  22. Crucifix
    Cross with figure or image representing body of Christ (Corpus)
  23. One who carried cross of crucifix during ecclesiastical procession
  24. Alter server at Mass
  25. Lamb of God
    Agnus Dei
  26. Verbal utterance meaning "praise ye God"
  27. "So be it" or "let it happen" (so has it been, so let it be); typically said at end of prayer
  28. Asperges
    Holy water
  29. Inclination of body (bending at waist) made while standing during Liturgical prayer
  30. Earth interment
  31. Leads congregational responsorial hymns and psalms
  32. Officiant or one who celebrates Mass in Roman Catholic Church
  33. Vessel in which wine is consecrated at Mass
  34. Building or designated area of buliding in which services are conducted
  35. Singing or intoning of all liturgical portions of service
  36. Ground set aside for special purpose, blessed by clergy
    Consecrated ground
  37. "Corpus Christi"
    Body of Christ
  38. Crypt
    Chamber that contains caskets or deceased; place that accepts a casket
  39. In Roman Catholic faith, member of clerical order just below priest
  40. Term "Of Church" or clergy
  41. Consecrated elements of Holy Communion
  42. Name of funeral service in Catholic Church
    • Funeral Mass
    • Mass of Resurrection
    • Mass of Christian Burial
  43. Act of bending the right knee as in indication of reverence or as act of humility
  44. INRI
    "Jesus of Nazareth, King of Jews"; abbreviation for Latin term
  45. Sacrament in Catholic faith given to seriously ill or in danger of death to prepare souls for eternity
    Sacrament of the sick
  46. Honorary title conferred upon priest
  47. Paschal candle placed during funeral; what it signifies
    Near casket, sometimes in front; signifies everlasting life
  48. Kneeling rail
    Prie Dieu
  49. Vigil lights
    2 candles at head and foot of casket during visitation
  50. Title conferred by ordination
  51. Catholic faith, ending portion of funeral Mass
    Final Commendation
  52. Preaching the word of God by clergy
    Sermon or Homily
  53. First three letters in Greek word for Jesus
    I H S (in his service)
  54. Catholic faith, term Rosary can be applied to three things
    • Bead
    • Service
    • Prayer
  55. Vestibule or entryway into church
    Narthex (lobby, vestibule, foyer)
  56. Woman member of religious order, especially one bound by vows of poverty, chastity and obedience
    Nun or sister
  57. Head of Roman Catholic church; Bishop of Rome
  58. Religious picture special to Catholics, of Jesus Christ
    Sacred Heart
  59. Catholic faith, prayer or scripture service usually held at funeral home the evening before funeral Mass; No prayers necessary
    Vigil service or Wake service
  60. Unction
    Anointing with oil
  61. Eastern Orthodox faith, holy picture; usually mosaic or painted on wood
  62. Eastern Orthodox church, partition that extends across front of church, dividing the sanctuary from body of building
    Iconostasis (Iconostas, Iconostation)
  63. Eastern Orthodox faith, three short services or blessings part of funeral rite
  64. Eastern Orthodox church, open area (sometimes raised) before the altar
  65. Doors in center of iconostasis leading directly to altar in Eastern Orthodox church, only ordained clergy can go through
    Royaly Doors
  66. Hebrew, meaning container; Jewish casket made entirely of wood with no metal parts
  67. Deceased male and female in Jewish faith
    Bar Minen & Bat Minen
  68. Hebew, meaning burial society
    Chevrah Kadisha
  69. Holy Brotherhood of men and women from synagogue who care for dead; also known as "washers"
    Chevrah Kadisha
  70. Usually last prayer of Jewish funeral service, El Molei Rachamin
    God full of compassion
  71. True evaluation of person's life sanctioned by Jewish tradition, as part of funeral service
  72. Kaddish
    Jewish faith, prayer recited for deceased by direct mourners (parents, siblings, spouce, children) for first time at conclusion of interment service; recited by children of parents at every service for eleven months, all other categories of mourners obligated to say Kaddish for 30 days
  73. Kever
  74. Hebrew, for burial
  75. Meaning/symbolization of Kariah
    Hebew term meaning rending or tearing; symbol of grief; tear in upper corner of garment or tear on symbolic ribbon which is worn by survivors
  76. Hebrew for funeral cortege
  77. Six or eight branched candelabrum with central stem bearing nine candles
    Menorah (seven candles in the book)
  78. In Jewish faith, hexagram formed by combination of two triangles symbolizing new hope for Jewish people
    Mogan David or Star of David
  79. Teacher or ordained leader in Jewish faith
  80. Shabbat meaning and duration
    Jewish Sabbath; begins at sundown Friday and ends at sundown Saturday
  81. Shiva, Sholoshim and Yarhzeit
    Shivah - Jewish faith, 7 day mourning period

    Sholoshim - 30 in Jewish faith; 30 day mourning period

    Yarhzeit - Jewish faith, anniversary of death
  82. Seven days of mourning following burial for people of Jewish faith
  83. Good morning; Peace; Hello; Goodbye; Love; Until Tomorrow; Farewell
  84. Watcher or sitter called who remains with Jewish body until burial
  85. Jewish faith, soul and source of life
  86. Orthodox Jewish religious building
  87. Hand-sewn white linen shroud in which deceased members of Jewish faith are dressed
  88. Ceremony performed by Chevrah Kaddisha of washing deceased before burial
  89. Prayer shawl worn by Orthodoz Jewish men
  90. Religious building of Reform and Conservative Jewish faith
  91. Book of Law, instruction and learning in Jewish faith
  92. Skull cap worn by men at temple services and funeral services
  93. Yizkor
    Jewish faith, memorial service recited four times a year
  94. Followers of elements of both Orthodox and Reform Jewish faith
    Conservative Jewish
  95. May an Orthodox Jewish funeral take place on a Saturday afternoon
  96. Orthodox Jewish belief on allowing cremation
    Do not allow
  97. Officiant of funeral in church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Bishop of the ward
  98. Ward
    Church or Parish
  99. Stake
    Group of wards
  100. Title of leader of church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  101. May funeral services be held in the temple
  102. When visitations are usually held for deceased members of church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Evening before and/or 1 hour prior to service
  103. Prayer offered at gravesite called in church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Dedication of grave
  104. Temple clothing consists of for male member of church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    White shirt and pants, slippers, green apron/sash, hat
  105. Temple clothing consists of for female member of church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Veil instead of hat, white dress, green apron
  106. Entitled to wear temple clothing
    Those who have temple recomended in good standing with church; people who have been through temple and are still in good standing with church
  107. Temples are considered ___ to members of church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  108. First prophet of church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Joseph Smith (con-artist)
  109. Vestments
    Ritual garments worn by clergy
  110. Precession of vehicles from place of funeral to place of interment
  111. Some possible locations for funeral services for non-liturgical denominations
    Funeral home, church, public building, school, anywhere
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