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  1. For what was Columbus' searching?
  2. The English colonies were financed by?
    Private investors
  3. Richard Hakluyts wrote colonial advertisements which targeted all audiences EXCEPT:
  4. The first group to dominate the slave trade were
  5. The Virginia colony was an early failure MOSTLY due to
    Unprepared settlers
  6. We spoke of all of following as being reasons why immigrants left England EXCEPT:
    Family stability
  7. Bacon's Rebellion was fought over
  8. The purpose of the black codes were to
    Control slaves
  9. Jacob Leisler was executed because he
    Was an English traitor
  10. The first witnesses witches I'm Salem were
    Little girls
  11. Which men accompanied Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to the Americas as captains?
    Martin and Vicente Pinzon
  12. The Treaty of Tordesillas benefited
    The Spanish
  13. Isabella and Ferdinand were the monarchs of which country
  14. Mercantilism is an economic system that relies on:
    Favorable balance of trade
  15. William Bradford
    Preached in Massachusetts
  16. Maryland was founded in order to
    Protect Catholics
  17. Nathaniel Bacon was a
  18. Double predestination means
    God chooses where we go
  19. Portugal was interested in the Americas because of
    The sugar found there
  20. The Columbian Exchange is a term that applies to what?
    The sharing of goods and culture between the new and old world
  21. George Washington was chosen to be the general of the army for all reasons except:
    His family background
  22. In order to cater French favor, George Washington demanded that the colonies stop practicing which anti-catholic holiday?
    Pope day
  23. The name given to the men who met the British Regulars on the field at Lexington was
  24. This English representative argued for a compromise and conciliation with America
    Edmund Burke
  25. From Fort Ticonderoga the Americans, led by Ethan Allen and Henry Knox, gained
  26. Because the English people dislike going to war with the colonies, Lord North had to hire mercenaries from which country?
  27. Paul Revere and William Dawes were alerted to war the Americans forces by which spy?
    Margaret Gage
  28. The first act of the second Continental Congress was to create the
    Continental army
  29. On the night of April 18, 1775, general gage's goals were to seize the American's arms at Concord and to arrest which rebellion leaders?
    Samuel Adams and John Hancock
  30. This writer of common sense wrote In a style, which was embraced by the common people
    Thomas Paine
  31. America declared independence from England in order to
    Attract foreign allies
  32. All of the following were included in the Suffolk resolves EXCEPT:
    Declaration of Independence
  33. The goal of the battle of bunker hill was to
    Scare the colonials
  34. John Adams appointed Thomas Jefferson to wright the declaration of independence for all reasons EXCEPT:
    He was well like
  35. All of the colonies were quick to approve the declaration of independence True or False
  36. The British mission in Concord was successful True or False
  37. Which of the following covered the retreat of the Continental Army out of Brooklyn to Manhattan
    Fog and wind
  38. For what reason did Ben Franklin go to France in 1776?
    To plead the cause
  39. When did Washington row across the Delaware River to surprise-attack the Hessians
    Christmas day
  40. At which battle did general Burgoyne's Cumbersome army lead to his defeat?
  41. Which victory proved to France that American's would be good allies?
  42. How many men did it take to defeat Sir John Butler and his Indian allies at Fort Vincennes
  43. This captain had a dream to attack the British in there home waters
    John jones
  44. What percent of the Bonhomme Richard died in their sea battle?
  45. After washington pushed Gage out of Boston, how long did his loosing streak last?
    1 year
  46. According to the reading section, why did General Gage execute 24 year old Nathan Hale? He was
    Thinking he was a spy
  47. For what reason did Washington ask Robert Morris of Pennsylvania for money?
    Soldier bonuses
  48. Why did the Marquise De Lafayette serve the Americans without pay?
    Because there wasn't any money
  49. Though Baron Von Steuben couldn't speak English, he was great at
  50. According to the author, which of the following best communicates why Benedict Arnold betrayed his country?
    Unjust treatment by congress
  51. This fort had importance because it controlled communication and supplies between the north and south
    West point
  52. The house where benedict Arnold and John Andre met to discuss the terms of Arnolds defection is known by what name?
    Treason house
  53. How was John Andre executed?
  54. General Horatio Gates was given command of the southern Army because of his victory at
  55. Why was General Horatio Gates replaced with General Nathanial Greene?
    Gates' loss at camden
  56. This man received the nickname "swamp fox" because of his harassment of the British in south Carolina
    Francis Marion
  57. Greene's unsuccessful campaign postponed the end of the war by drawing the British attention to the north. True or False
  58. What cause Washington to leave New York City on August 14, 1781?
    News on British forces
  59. This general was cut off from supplies and escape by Admiral de Grasse
  60. Where did John Jay lead the peace treaty talks?
  61. Peace wasn't officially settled until how many years after the surrender at Yorktown?
    2 years
  62. Some I the military wanted to make George Washington a king. True or False
  63. George Washington's defining feature, according to this author is that he has
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