History Final

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  1. What was the United States initial reacion to WWII and their stance?
    The US wanted to remain isolated from the war
  2. Where is Pearl Harbor
  3. _________ was the first attack on America that we have on film
    Pearl Harbor
  4. __________ was Professor Hick's father-in-law who fought in America during WWII, was captured by the Germans, and was a prisoner of war for a year
    Harlod Lee
  5. What ethnic group faced an increase of discrimination because of WWII
    Japanese Americans
  6. What was the American economy doing during WWII
  7. What is the correlation of WWII and marriage during this time
    Marriage rates are increading, as well as birth rates.
  8. During WWII, the US military still had not _____
  9. List the main ALLIED and AXIS countries during WWII
    • ALLIES
    • -The United States
    • -France
    • -Great Britain
    • -Russia

    • AXIS
    • -Germany
    • -Japan
    • -Italy
  10. What started WWII
    The bombing at Pearl Harbor
  11. Which president decided to drop the atomic bomb over Japan
    Harry S Truman
  12. List the American Presidents, in order, that we have discussed in these chapters
    • Franklin D. Roosevelt
    • Harry S. Truman
    • Dwight D Eisenhower
    • John F Kennedy
    • Lyndon B Johnson
    • Richard Nixon

  13. Americans are thirsty for American produced goods post- WWII such as _______
    american made cars, clothes, etc.
  14. The GI Bill did what?
    gave money to war veterans to continue their education and jobs after returning home from WWII
  15. The Soviet Union is now what we call
  16. The leader of the Soviet Union
    Josef Stalin
  17. Which war came after WWI
    The Cold War
  18. George Kennan said that he was _______
    not worried about Japan or Germany anymore, but that he was now worried about Communist Russia
  19. Explain the Containment Policy
    The use of various tactic in order to contain, or prevent , the spread of Communism
  20. The US using economic aid to ensure we have friends where we want them (non-communists friends) was called what?
    The Truman Doctrine
  21. Define the Domino Theory
    The belief that if one country is communist, other neighboring countries will become communist.
  22. What was Professor Hick's dad's name? And which war did he fight in
    Ed Hicks/ The Cold War
  23. Which war is considered to be the "Forgotten War"
    The Korean War
  24. What word and idea installed fear in Americans during the Cold War
  25. Korea is in the 38th parallel; Vietnam is in the 17th parallel
    KOREA-38th parallel

    Vietnam-17th parralel
  26. What was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO
    A military defense pact amongst certain countres including the US. It was an allied pact that if one country, for example, went to war, the other countires in NATO would support them
  27. Because of McCarthyism, a lot of people were accused of what?
    being Communist and were blacklisted or lost their jobs, although many of them were in fact not apart of the Communist Party
  28. After Eisenhower, does the American economy and morale starts to __________
  29. After Joseph Stalin dies, who becomes the new leader
    Nikita Khrushchev
  30. The Cold War is mostly a war of ______
    It was a war of WORDS
  31. Cuba's leader is
    Fidel Castro
  32. The Soviets launched
    SPUTNIK- the first satellite to orbit the Earth
  33. John F. Kennedy wanted to go where in response to Sputnik
    To the MOON
  34. Why was President Kennedy and other Americans nervous about CUBA
    because Cuba had declared that they were a Communist country. This was a concern because Cuba is approximately only 90 miles off the coast of Florida, which made Americans feel uneasy
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