Intro Psych

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  1. psychology
    the science of behavior and mental processes
  2. biological psychologist
    psychologists who analyze the biological facots influencing behavior and mental process
  3. developmental psychologists
    psychologists who seek to understand, describe, and explore how behavior and mental processes change over the course of a lifetime
  4. cognitive psychologists
    psychologists who study the mental processes underlying judgment, decision making, problem solving, imagining, and other aspects of human thought or cognition
  5. engineering psychology
    a filed in which psychs study human factors in the use of equiptment and help designers create better versions of that equipment
  6. personality psychologists
    psychologists who study the characteristics that make individuals similar to, or different from, on another
  7. clincal and counceling psychologists
    Psychologists who seek to assess, understand, and change abnormal behavior
  8. community psychologists
    psychs who work to obtaion psychological services for people in need of help and to prevent psychological disorders by working for changes in social systems
  9. health psychologists
    psychologists who study the effects of behavior and mental processes on health and illness, and vice versa
  10. educational psychologist
    psychs who study methods by which instructiors teach and students learn and who apply their results to improving such methods
  11. school psychologists
    psychologists who test IQ, diagnose students's acedemic problems, and set up programs to improve students' achievement
  12. quantitative psychologists
    psychs who develop and use statistical tools to analyze research data
  13. social psychologist
    psychs who study how people influence one another's behavior and mental processes, indicidually and in groups
  14. industrial/ organizational pyschologists
    psychs who study ways to improve efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction among workers and the organization that emply them
  15. sport psychologists
    psychs who explore the relationships between athletic performance and such psychological variables as motivation and emotion
  16. forensic psychologists
    psychs who assist in jury selection, evaluate defendants metal competence to stand trial, and deal with other issues involving psychology and the law
  17. enviromental psychologists
    Psychs who study the effects of the physical enviromental on behavior and mental processes
  18. Structuralism
    to studyb conscious experience and its structure
  19. Gestalt Psychology
    to describe organization of mental processes: "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts"
  20. Psychoanalysis
    to explain personality and behavior; to develop techniques for treating mental disorders
  21. Functionalism
    to study how the mind works in allowing an organism to adapt to the environment
  22. behaviorism
    to study only observable behavior and explain behavior via learning principles
  23. biological approach
    an approach in which behavior and ehacior disorders are seen as the result of physical processes, especially those relating to the brain and to hormones and other chemicals
  24. evolutionary approach
    an approach to psychology that emphasizes the inherited, adaptive aspects of behacior and mental processes
  25. psychodynamic approach
    a view developed by Freud that emphasizes the interplay of unconscious mental processes in determining human thought, feeling, and behavior
  26. behavioral approach
    approach to psychology emphasizing that human behavior is determined mainly by what a person has learned, expecially from rewards and punishment
  27. cognitive approach
    a way of looking at human behavior that emphasizes research on how the brain takes in information, creates perceptions, froms and retrieves memories, processes infromation, and generates integrated patterns of action
  28. humanistic approach
    approach to psychology that views behavior as controlled by the decisions that people make about their lives based on their perceptions of th world
  29. culture
    the accumulations of values, rules of behavior, forms of expression, religious belief, occumational choices, and the like for a group of people who share a common language and environment
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