Biblical Literature Part 6

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  1. when did they begin to rebuild the temple?
    right after the first deportation
  2. Who opposed the building of the temple and how long did it stop for?
    • Samarians
    • 16 years
  3. What are the main themes of Haggai and Zechariah?
    to encourage the Jews to continue to rebuild the temple
  4. Who issues the decree to fully support the building of teh temple even financely?
    Darious the Great
  5. When was the temple completed?
    515 BC
  6. Who led the second return?
  7. Who issued a decree that Ezra had total control over Judah?
    Artexerxes I
  8. What was the punishment for breaking the law under Ezra?
  9. What did Ezra mainly deal with because the temple had already been built for 58 years at this point?
    social reform
  10. Who possibly wrote 1st and 2nd choronicles?
  11. Who was Nehemiah
    Cupbearer to the king
  12. What was Nehemiah's main goal?
    rebuild the wall
  13. How long did it take the Jews to rebuild the city wall?
    52 days
  14. Who was the last prophet of the OT?
  15. What were the two points of Malachi's message?
    • the covenant violations such as hypocritical offering and divorce
    • the coming of the Day of the Lord and GOd's sending the prophey Elijah
  16. Who is the Elijah that Malachi prophesied?
    John the Baptist
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