Phonetics and Phonology

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  1. What are the steps to distinguish syllables?
    • 1. Find the nuclei (vowel)
    • 2. Group the onsets (consonants with max. of 3 letters like "SPLash")
    • 3. The rest are codas (consonants at the end of the syllable)
  2. What is a minimal pair?
    • Two words distinguished by one sound.
    • Example: cab/cat, lyre/fire/dire
  3. What are the characteristics of phonemes in Phonemes and Allophones?
    • Phonemes...
    • 1. distinguish words
    • 2. are in contrastive distribution
  4. What are the characteristics of allophones in Phonemes and Allophones?
    • Allophones...
    • 1. do not distinguish words
    • 2. complementary distribution

    • The same phoneme with a variety of sounds.
    • Example: /n/ --> [n] and [m]
  5. What is free variation?
    • One word pronounced in multiple ways. (Also an example of allophones.)
    • Example: tomato, data
  6. How are words transcribed phonemically?
    pat --> /paet/
  7. How are words transcribed phonetically?
    pat --> [phaet]
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