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  1. whats another name for programmers?
  2. org that oversees internet standards?
  3. method that internet uses to store domain names and corresponding IP addresses
    domain name server
  4. semi conducting material made mostly of silicon
  5. horizontal/vertical pixels
  6. designer of computers, devices, and media in a network
    network architechture
  7. retains info even when the computer is shut off
  8. developers life cycle
    analyze, design, validate, implement, test, document
  9. supplies internet for free or for a fee
    access provider
  10. 4 basic operations of a mechine cycle
    fetching, coding,executing, and storing
  11. 5 things compromise info system
    hardware, software, data, people, precedures
  12. switching on or off circuit
  13. 2 componets of a CPU
    arithmetic logic, control
  14. keeps computer clock and times
  15. created COBOL
    Grace Hopper
  16. special formatting language programmers use to format documents
  17. technique of swapping items between memory and storage
  18. internet standard that permits file uploading and downloading wioth other computers on the internet
  19. portion of storage memory, usually the hard disk that the operating system, functions as an addition to RAM
    Virtual memory
  20. smallest unit
  21. Set of rules that defines how pages transfer on the internet
  22. document on Web that contains text graphics animation audio etc
  23. electronnic component on a computers motherboard that interprets and carries out basic instructions
  24. programs that control or maintain operations of a computer and its devices
    system software
  25. series of tests executed by BIOS to make sure computers hardware is connected properly
    POST(power off self test)
  26. type of user interface in which a user types commands or presses special keys on the keyboard
    command line interface
  27. program designed to make users more productive and or assist them with personal tasks
    application software
  28. type of user interface allows a user tointeract with software using text, graphics, and visual images
    GUI grapic user interface
  29. language anyone can use without perchasing a license
    open language
  30. steps telling a computer how to preform
  31. computer phrase that points out the accuracy of a computers out put depends on the accuracy of the input
    Garbage in, Garbage out
  32. hard disk failure that occurs when a read/write head touches the surface of a platter
    head crash
  33. type of memory module that has pins on opposite sides of the circuit board that do not connect
    DIMM slots
  34. kilo
  35. mega
    1 million
  36. giga
    1 billion
  37. tera
    1 trillion
  38. number of bytes a storage medium can hold
  39. 1st step in cleaning a computer
    turning it off
  40. location in which data, instructions, and information are held for future use
  41. process of dividing a disk into tracks and sectors so that the OS can store and locate data and info on the disk
  42. flat, round, portable disk made of metal,plastic, and laqure that is written on a readf by laser
    optical disk
  43. network technique of breaking message into individual packets, sending packets along best route possible, then reassembling it
    packet switching
  44. two types of ystem software
    operating system and utility programs
  45. two computer health risks
    • technology overload
    • computer addiction
  46. controls access to hardware software and other resources on a network
  47. large expensive powerful computer that can handle hundredes of others
  48. fastest computer
    most poerful
    super computer
  49. if one computer crashes you still have someof the data
  50. connects more than 200 universities and 115 companies via high speed private network
    Internet 2
  51. ISP
    Internet service provider
  52. OSP
    Online Service Provider
  53. WISP
    wireless internet service provider
  54. translates domain name into associalted IP address
    DNS Server
  55. refers to websites that provide a means to share information
    Web 2.0
  56. program that extends the capability of a web browser
    Plug in
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