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  1. What are the stages in language acquisition?
    • Stage 1: Babbling
    • Example: Mama, Dada

    • Stage 2: One-Word Stage
    • Example: Dada = This is daddy's. Daddy is coming. Where is daddy?

    • Stage 3: Two-Word Stage
    • Example: Daddy come; More juice; No bed
    • *Where syntax beings.
  2. What is overgeneralization?
    • When a word is pluralized twice or made into a past tense twice.
    • Example: eated, doed, falled, catched; foots, mans, childs
  3. What is critical period?
    • A specific time frame where normal acquisition of language is possible. (~14yrs)
    • Example: Chelsea was not exposed to speech until 31. Vocabulary consists of only 2000 words.
  4. How do linguists determine which languages are related? (Genetic Classification)
    • 1. Basic vocabulary
    • 2. Similarity in sound
    • 3. Grammatical structure
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