Social Studies Chapter 4

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  1. the money left over after a business pays all their expenses
  2. a list of ten amendments added to the Constitution
    Bill of Rights
  3. people who buy or use goods and services
  4. the elements needed to create goods
    factors of production
  5. list the four factors of production
    • natural resources
    • capital resources
    • labor resources
    • entrepreneurs
  6. a country where all people are treated fairly by the government and private institutions
    equal opportunity
  7. the love for one's country
  8. a political system where ordinary people have a strong say in how they are governed
  9. the spread of ideas and technology throughout the world
  10. an economy system in which business owners decide what to sell and at what price to sell their goods or services
    free enterprise
  11. Which factor of production is the raw materials used to make the goods?
    natural resources
  12. Which factor of production is the machines, factories, and supplies needed?
    capital resources
  13. Which factor of production is the business owners?
  14. Which factor of production is the workers?
    labor resources
  15. What do you call when price and availability are affected by how much comsumers are willing to pay for an item and how much sellers decide to charge for it?
    supply and demand
  16. Which branch of government makes the laws?
    Legislative Branch
  17. Which branch of government enforces the laws and is headed by the President?
    Executive Branch
  18. Which branch makes sure the laws are fair according to the constitution? 
    Judicial Branch
  19. Why have people immigrated to the United States?
    better jobs, educational opportunities,  war, natural disasters, discrimination, persecution
  20. What were some of the accomplishments of the Anasazi?
    irrigation systems, cliff dwellings
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